By: Savannah Smith | 06-15-2017 | News
Photo credit: @dylanmonroe

Wendy’s Engages in Funny Roadside Signboard Posts ‘War’ With Local Competitor

The battle for fast food customers’ attention does not start inside restaurants with their food or services, it starts on the road. Fast food giant Wendy’s engaged in a road sign posts war with a competitor local drinks depot company in Lubbock, Texas.

The intense war of roadside sign board posts started last month when Pure Water and Tea Company offered local resident Kliff Kingsbury free drinks through its sign. Wendy’s refused to be outplayed and offered the same customer with free drinks- and food. Interestingly, Kingsbury declined both offers, but that triggered even more intense- and funnier- battles ahead.

The two companies kept slinging puns back and forth on the road since then, giving amusement to passersby and internet users who have caught on the ‘war.’ Pure said in one post: “You want beef, Wendy’s? You’ve got it!” Not to be outdone- or outwitted- Wendy’s shot back: “Come through and get served- you deserve it!”

Another time, Pure took a turn for the personal. Their post read: “Burgers aren’t the only things square at Wendy’s.” Of course, Wendy’s had a comeback. They said: “Everyone knows Wendy’s squares up, you ain’t ‘ bout that life.”

The warning signs have become viral online, and social media users appear to be enjoying the unique series of battle of wits and signs. One commented: “@Wendy’s is an above average savage. #amirite. Another said: “Y’all wild @Wendys @ PureWaterIce. Still, another apparently was keeping score. It posted on Twitter: “#4thStreetSignWar.”


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