By: Savannah Smith | 11-04-2016 | News
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Hillary Exposed Sensitive U.S. Information to American Enemies in Russia, China

Hillary Clinton, her aides, Democratic allies including President Obama no less all continue to insist that the " conclusion " of the first FBI investigation into her private email server scandal still holds true today, a reopening of the case, notwithstanding. It is that Hillary was reckless, apologized for her error, but there was never a reason to indict her. New pieces of evidence that are coming in prove otherwise: that Hillary did not only err, but committed the biggest sin against the country and the American people: treason.

Sources privy to the FBI investigations say authorities now believe that there's a 99% chance that up to five foreign intelligence agencies may have gained access to Hillary's emails from her private server.

The implications of such are huge. House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul said Hillary has exposed information to American enemies. U.S. adversaries have most likely gotten sensitive information from Hillary's server. McCaul said Hillary's sin could only be described as an act of treason.

McCaul also revealed that FBI Director James Comey once intimated to him that foreign enemies of the U.S. had likely gotten into Hillary's server.

Comey in July said that there was no evidence to prove that foreign adversaries may have accessed Hillary's server and that it was merely " possible" that they have gained access. It appears now that Comey may have just been pressured to deliberately undermine the implications to national security at that time since high officials- from DOJ up to as high as the White House- wanted to get Hillary off the hook.

From an infographics provided by Fox News, there were five known hacking attempts on Clinton's unsecure server from 2010-2014, including five hacking attempts from Russian-linked hackers in 2011; and from 2013-2014, there were also five attempted cyber attacks originating from China, South Korea and Germany, even after Clinton has left the State Department.

Republican nominee said that should Hillary win the election, Americans would face the unprecedented prospect of a constitutional crisis early on in her presidency. The investigations will continue regardless of the outcome of the election.

The challenge to avert troubling scenarios for the nation now lies with the voters to choose a safer, more stable election outcome.

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