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Above the Law: Black Lives Matters Can't be Sued?

In Baton Rouge, Louisiana controversies are swirling around the idea that Black Lives Matter can be sued in a court of law.

An unidentified Louisiana police officer who was injured in a protest has filed a Federal Lawsuit against the group due to the injuries he sustained as per their responsibility. That hasn't stopped left wing activists and attorneys from trying to suggest the lawsuit is invalid however.

The insanity of the the left seems to have a mantra that everything they do they need not be accountable for. The claims being tossed about are that Black Lives Matter is a movement, not an organization, so it bears no responsibility for any actions taken by it's members.

It does however participate with a 501c3 nonprofit status which under the IRS statutes state that it is not allowed to engage in political activism against specific parties or political candidates. That statue is often times violated as Black Lives Matter assists in the protests of right leaning candidates by organizing it’s membership to participate under the guise of another subsidiary of the left.

In Federal Court a judge is set to decide whether to allow or dismiss the lawsuit brought against Black Lives Matter and DeRay Mckesson, who is a Baltimore-based activist. Mr. Mckesson was just one of two hundred protesters arrested after the July 2016 shooting death of Alton Sterling. Many will remember the Sterling incident caused extreme riots and controversy with BLM claiming him as an “innocent black man who didn't do nothing wrong” that was shot by a white officer during a very physical and resisting altercation outside a gas station where he later died.

William Gibbons of whom is representing Mr. McKesson stated in his court filings that “Black Lives Matter doesn't have a governing body, dues-paying members, bylaws or even a central location." William Gibbons continued to argue it's a "community of interest."

The filing went on to say, "However, even as a community of interest, it would be nearly impossible to ascribe a single common purpose or interest to the hundreds of thousands of different people, many with different goals and motives, who have protested, posted online, or acted under the 'Black Lives Matter' banner.”

However the unidentified officer who has brought forth the suit against BLM and Mckesson has suggested that someone took a “rock like substance”, possibly a brick or mortar or piece of concrete, and struck him directly in his face with it where he had substantial injury.

The attack on the officer resulted in several visits to hospitals and dentists, where the officer has lost multiple teeth and now suffers from severe brain injuries and a fractured jaw and skull. His medical bills are enormous.

The lawsuit doesn't specifically direct accusations at Mckesson. It does however suggest Mckesson “incited the violence” on behalf of Black Lives Matter. Mckesson was overseeing the events as per BLM and hence is responsible for any activities or violence or destruction caused by them.

The officer's attorneys have sued not just Mckesson and BLM but several other unnamed individuals that it believes are directly responsible for the increase in the violence as they are all on film barking orders at the savage protesters.

One of the officer's attorneys is Donna Grodner, who is urging the US District Judge Brian Jackson to deny Mckesson’s attempts to have the case thrown out of court with dismissal. She argues that BLM is in fact an organization and not a movement because it in fact has a “thriving, if not very wealthy, unincorporated association that solicits donations and sells T-shirts for profit.”

These are all known facts about Black Lives Matter and if such a gross miscarriage of justice is allowed then they may essentially be able to commit domestic terrorism without fear of repercussions at all. She went on in court filings to say, "If Black Lives Matter does not exist, it should not be raising money or collecting millions in donations.”

I most certainly agree with her assertion and any legal analyst or prosecutor would attempt to destroy the arguments of the defense in this case in open courts. One of the fears however is that the radical left will apply pressure to this judge to toss out the case before deliberations ever begin.

The unidentified officer who is the plaintiff in the suit is being protected via anonymity as "Officer John Doe" in the suit. The reason for the protecting is citing the July 2016 sniper attack that killed five Dallas police officers and a shooting 10 days later that killed three law-enforcement officers in Baton Rouge as reasons for concealment.

Mckesson and 80 other violent BLM protesters actually successfully sued the city after their arrests. Yes, these savage domestic terrorists won a lawsuit for committing violence and being arrested.

Last month, a federal judge preliminarily approved a proposed settlement of the class action lawsuit that would offer payout to the thugs. Mckesson is one of nearly 80 arrested protesters who are eligible for cash payouts which will range from $500 to $1,000 if the settlement gets the court's final approval. The reason cited for the approval is excessive force and violation of the violent protesters Constitutional rights. Absolutely appalling considering the hundred thousand dollars of estimated damage done to the city from this one specific protest.

Larry Klayman, the founder of the conservative group Freedom Watch, filed a Federal Lawsuit in Texas last year against Mckesson and Black Lives Matter for their roles played in the Dallas Sniper Shooting deaths of five officers. Klayman also sued Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in that same suit accusing them of inciting a hate filled ‘race war’ against white members of law enforcement for encouraging Black Lives Matter.

On June 2nd that suit was tossed out as a radical leftists Obama Apologist judge said the plaintiffs didn't provide substantial proof for their “proposition” that Black Lives Matter is an entity capable of being sued at all. An appeal is planned in that case.


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