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4 Killed As UPS Employee Goes ‘Postal’

A completely dressed in uniform UPS employee walked into the UPS Distribution Center in San Francisco. The facility is located on 17th Street and San Bruno in San Francisco.

The San Francisco Police Department has issued a statement saying that four people including the gunman have been killed with two others being injured in the shootings.

Witnesses from within the facility say that after shooting others inside the building the gunman then turned the gun to his own head and pulled the trigger in an attempted murder-suicide situation.

This happened around the time of a shift change when a driver's mandatory meeting was being held in the facility. He later died at San Francisco General Hospital.

At this time the identity of the shooter remains unknown however the San Francisco Police Department has been going through the building searching to endure there are no other threats from accomplices. The local area is on complete lockdown as this story continues to unfold.

It is believed however the gunman acted alone and it's not related to terrorism. UPS in an Official Press release said, "UPS confirms there was a shooting incident involving 4 employees within the company's facility in San Francisco earlier this morning. Local law enforcement are conducting an investigation. We cannot provide information as to the identity of persons involved at this time, pending the police investigation. We understand that there are potentially multiple deaths, although some individuals were transported to the hospital and we are unsure of their status at this time. The company is saddened and deeply concerned about affected employees, family members and the community we share. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those touched by this incident. The facility is an area package sorting hub and package delivery center."

Senator Dianne Feinstein also issued a release saying that, “I was heartbroken to learn that yet another senseless act of gun violence has marred our wonderful city. My heart goes out to the victims and their families, and to everyone affected by this despicable act. I can't help but recall the 101 California Street shooting in 1993, when eight people lost their lives. Violence is never the answer, but the continuing scourge of gun violence is particularly disheartening. As we learn more details of this shooting, I'm hopeful that we can take away lessons to help prevent these acts from occurring in the future. We must do more to address the underlying roots of these tragic events."

In a day of tragedy involving shootings across the nation this incident is unrelated to previous shooting in Virginia and is at this time being classified as an act of workplace violence.



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redfoot No. 3669 2017-06-14 : 20:57

watching it all morning on the local news; tragic.

Anonymous No. 3675 2017-06-14 : 22:02

Yeah, but don't forget he's allowed to have guns, no matter who he murders.

redfoot No. 3710 2017-06-15 : 03:39

wouldnt have happened if this were an open carry state. things like this never happen when everyone has guns. gun control is using both hands and hitting your target. guns don't kill people, assholes do.

Anonymous No. 3711 2017-06-15 : 04:05

People don't kill in open carry states…

what a load of shit

but it's true people killpeople as you say, however if guns were taken out of the equation it would make it harder to kill as there would be one less weapon type legally available. Also you could consider this, if only authorised(police, etc) could carry weapons, anyone found using, attempting to, carrying, concealing, etc could be considered a risk to the public and dealt with. If it's only cops or crims carrying, cops take down crims and no one can shoot innocent public without being done for it….

now waiting for inevitable tirade

Anonymous No. 3782 2017-06-16 : 07:05

the second amendment was mainly made for protection of the people in case a tyrannical government came into power

Fuck off, and stay fucked off. Guns are necessary.

Anonymous No. 3806 2017-06-16 : 16:14

the second amendment was mainly made for protection of the people in case a tyrannical government came into power

except that they aren't being used for that, so that didn't work

Fuck off, and stay fucked off. Guns are necessary.

or what? oh yes of course, because you have a gun and your only brave hiding behind it.. pussy

fuck you, fuck you, fuck you..;. get the point coward

oh say can you see, you're a coward to me

i don't give a fuck, you're a cowardly shmuck

you go blaming jews, say put blacks into zoos

and without yours guns, your butts all have the runs

Bwahaha, butthurt yet, that is one of your little sayings

cluck, cluck,cluck, lay an egg, chickenshit

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