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Photo credit: Beaumont Police Department

A sadistic crime involving the death of a newborn infant in Texas occurred by a teenager. The city of Beaumont Police arrested a 17-year-old woman in for the murder of Kera Teel, and her newborn daughter.

The Beaumont Police said Beaumont Police 17-year-old Atayanna Asia Nicole Douglas,of Beaumont, was already wanted in connection for a series of armed robberies. She was taken into custody in Lake Charles, on Tuesday.

After her arrested she was transported to the Beaumont Police Department to be questioned by detectives according to the official release from the police department.

Upon questioning Douglas gave the detectives implications she was involved in three aggravated robberies. The detectives have came to the conclusion that the string of robberies are connected to the capital murder of the now deceased Teel and her newborn daughter, Kyndal, the release said.

While preliminary investigations are still ongoing the The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, Lake Charles Police Department, Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office, U.S. Marshall Service, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are coordinating with Beaumont Police for the high profile and widespread case file.

As the investigations have proceeded thus far several dozen gang members in the region have been taken into custody in a massive dragnet involving organized crime and drug trafficking. Police officials have said that “numerous guns” along with cash and narcotics have been found during the seizures.

The adult victim and mother of the dead newborn Teel was in a vehicle with her mother Mindy Morris when they had just drove into the parking lot of the Siena Apartment Home after driving back from Galveston just before 2 a.m. on Tuesday, June 6, 2017 when they noticed a dark tinted Cadillac circling back and forth at the exit to the complex.

Mrs Morris, the mother and would be grandmother of the victims stated that the suspect, Teel, drove her car around Cadillac and parked it when out of nowhere a man in a black ski mask appeared the window of their car.

Morris said, "She kept saying no, please, please don't, no. And I jerked her back and he opened the door and shot at her twice," referring to her now deceased daughter with tears in her eyes. Morris said the suspect also fired at her several times before fleeing from the scene of the incident.

Keel, her deceased daughter was seven months pregnant at the time of the incident. She died upon arrival to the hospital but the doctors were able to deliver the baby. The baby, Kyndal Jae Teel, succumbed to death soon after birth likely due to the trauma endured from the shooting of her mother and the effects it would have had on her as a fetus.


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Anonymous No. 3672 1497476115

She wasnt arrested for murder. She has veen chargedvwith 3 counts of aggravated robbery.

The shooter was male.

But this girl is just as guilty in my book because she was there, knows who the shooter is, and hasnt given him up yet. And did nothing to help kera or kyndal.

Anonymous No. 3673 1497476169

***been charged with

Sorry, mistype

Anonymous No. 3690 1497479939

good point anon, I just wish RP would stop selecting only black on white crime where possible, maybe try becoming a true reporter

Anonymous No. 3703 1497491219

"Shorty" Belton, Christopher and Channon Newsome, John Paul Foster.

If you don't know who these people are, google it.

Warning: graphic violence.

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