By: Earnest Jones | 11-03-2016 | News
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Donald Trump With An 8-point Lead On Honesty: New Poll

The newly released Washington Post-ABC News Tracking Poll shows that the Republican nominee Donald Trump has an eight-point lead on which presidential candidate is trustworthy and honest. According to 59 percent of likely voters, they discredit Hillary Clinton and claim that her misuse of office and use of personal email accounts when she was the Secretary of State disapproves her from handling White House affairs. This number is not very different compared to the 60 percent of voters who claimed that they disapprove the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton even before the F.B.I released a statement that announced its intentions to evaluate the additional emails from Hilary Clinton’s email server after having previously concluded the investigations.

The Republican nominee had faced major set-backs in the recent past after women accused him of various sexual allegations. However, the Republican nominee has stepped up his game as the race to the White House intensifies. Donald Trump has 46 percent lead among the likely voters on which presidential candidate is more trustworthy and honest. The Democratic nominee trails the same poll on honesty and trustworthy with a 38 percent among the likely voters. This polls clearly show that the Republican nominee is headed for the White House since the previous polls by ABC pollsters on which candidate is more trustworthy and honest back in September, it showed that both presidential candidates were tied up; in the past, participants in the poll said that none of the candidates was honest. This time as the election is around the corner, voters have changed their minds and decided that they are more confident in the Republican nominee’s character.

This clearly shows that the F.B.I announcement on Hillary Clinton’s use of private emails has adversely affected the Democratic nominee’s campaign this has rendered a big blow to her campaign. The current immediate reactions by U.S citizens can hardly be distinguished despite Hilary’s efforts to attack the Republican nominee.

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