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Math Teacher Arrested for Sex with 3 Students

There was a time when students could attend class with the hopes of receiving an education alone. However, three mathematics students at Rocky Mount Preparatory School in North Carolina received much more than a lesson plan from their teacher.

25-year-old Erin McAuliffe was reported to law enforcement by coworkers within the staff at the school and she left her position in May. She's been charged with inappropriate sexual contact with at least three students. Local police have interviewed the students and faculty which claim the incidents actually took place off campus. The three students who she's alleged to have sexual relations with include two seventeen year olds and a sixteen-year-old pupil.

Miss McAuliffe is now being held at the Carteret County Jail with a $20,000 bond set to appear in court later this week. Included with the charges of three counts of sexual activity with the students she's also being charged with one count of indecent liberties with a minor child.

Rocky Mount Preparatory School released a statement saying “the staff has been fully cooperative with police” during the investigation. Rocky Mount Preparatory accepts children from the age of 3 to the age of 18.

Dayvon Steel, 18 is a former student at Rocky Mount Preparatory School in North Carolina where he stated that the staff and faculty of the school's network are “very caring and supportive”. In fact, the school tends to receive high reviews. “It's shocking and appalling that a person would do that with a student.” he said.

Ms. McAuliffe graduated from a Methodist University three years ago with a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics. She has been employed at Rocky Mount Preparatory School for less than a year total hired last August.


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Jim Hill No. 3687 2017-06-14 : 22:33

I hope this charge is equal to the charge a man would have gotten for the same crime.

Anonymous No. 3694 2017-06-14 : 22:47

To JK, don't bet on it, also some braindead fool on here thinks you can't be raped by women.

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