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President Trump ran on a campaign to ‘Drain The Swamp’ and in order to do so he needs Republicans in office who will support his agenda. Many of the members’ of President Trump's base realize that these rhinoceros GOP members who stand in opposition with President Trump have to go.

Today I'm having a sit-down with the Congressional Candidate for Pennsylvania’s 7th District, Republican Joseph Billie. Mr. Billie is set to challenge Pat Meehan for his seat in the upcoming primary. Pat Meehan has stood in opposition to President Trump on countless issues. Meehan is on record voting against the President for The American Healthcare Act as well as stating the ‘Wall’ President Trump campaigned on will never happen. Meehan is the definition of the swamp that needs drained.

Red Pill: Mr. Billie thank you for joining us. I've heard that you have a long history of public service including serving in the US Navy and as a First Responder. Could you tell us a little more about your experiences during this life of service?

Joseph Billie: I grew up following my father around the Folcroft Fire Co. learning and becoming part of the family. That's what firehouses are, families. At 16 I joined as a Jr. Firefighter running calls and going to fire schools while still attending high school. When I turned 18 I became a senior member where you can go inside the burning buildings and get dirty. I worked my way up through the ranks and eventually became the Fire Chief. During all my years I’ve helped people through the worst times of their lives. The last few years there has been many changes in Emergency Response. Some good and some very bad. After I graduated high school I started community college. I was not ready for school so with Operation Desert Shield heating up I Enlisted in the Navy. After boot camp Operation Desert Storm kicked off. I was stationed aboard the USS America CV-66 an aircraft carrier homeport of Norfolk, VA. I did a few deployments to the Red Sea/Persian Gulf from 1991-1994. Also missions to Bosnia & Somalia. I was an Operations Specialist. My job was targeting and tracking. After 9/11 in 2001 I re-enlisted in the reserves for almost 2 years.

Red Pill: That's very honorable sir. We need more American’s like yourself who have dedicated their lives to the public in office. I understand the region in which you reside and your district specifically have suffered greatly over decades of economic decline and increased crime as well as losses to the manufacturing sector. What is your vision for the future of the 7th District and Pennsylvania as a whole?

Joseph: With President Trump bringing jobs back to our country I see promise. The coal mines will bring dead towns back to life. I know where I work we lost production areas. Some went to Mexico others went to other facilities. As you move away from the industrial part of our district there are many dairy farms & agricultural. People working hard every day working the fields or chicken coups cattle. Our local growers are valuable to our communities.

Red Pill: Sounds like you have a hope of a better tomorrow. Let's talk about Pat Meehan. Pat is what President Trump referred to as the Swamp during his campaign, suggesting he wished to Drain the Swamp. Tell us why you believe Meehan is no longer in the interests of the people? Also what will you do that differs from Meehan approach?

Joseph Billie: President Trump wants to secure our Southern border. I support him on that. Mr. Meehan has spoken saying the wall isn’t going to happen. He continues to walk the line on many issues and never see him stand up and fight for anything.

Red Pill: Fascinating. It's been stated that Pat Meehan voted NO on President Trump’s American Health Care Act of 2017. What's your position on the bill or views for an alternative?

Joseph Billie: He voted against the healthcare bill that will help people losing coverage and skyrocketing premiums. When was the last time any member of Congress sat down and had to choose a health plan that they can afford for their family? I am for the AHCA. If it has flaws it goes to the Senate then gets stuff added and subtracted, then goes back to the House. Let the system work, give it a chance.

Red Pill: President Trump has also said he'd like for employers to offer employees time off instead of paying overtime. Pat Meehan has stood against Trump on this initiative. What are your views on this?

Joseph Billie: Well certain areas can’t. I work in a facility open 24 hours a day seven days a week and 365 days a year. We can’t shut down production so Overtime is needed. Maybe certain jobs can do this but I don’t see it. This may be one thing I agree with my opponent on.

Red Pill: Thanks for your honesty. President Trump would also like a Repeal of a Department of Education rule on school accountability. Meehan once again has been President Trump's opponent on this issue. Where do you stand on this?

Joseph Billie: I wouldn’t do a full repeal but a better standardization to keep our schools accountable for getting the lessons out that are needed to be successful.

Red Pill: That's extraordinary. Let's talk about President Trump wanting to Repeal of a rule requiring energy companies to reduce waste and emissions. Trump suggests that this will benefit industry which is crucial to your region. Meehan has been an opponent of repealing this rule. Some suggest it's due to his donations from pro environmental globalist advocates. Where do you stand on this repeal as well as the environment versus the strength of business via reduced regulations?

Joseph Billie: Where I work we currently use a byproduct of coal for our energy plant. I am all for making these facilities burn cleaner and help the environment. Our country has its own natural resources and we should use them. Find a way to make it safe for the environment, safe for the workers and safe for the residents.

Red Pill: Pat Meehan has also stated that the President’s budget proposals do not make enough cuts to Social Security and Medicare. Many of the constituents in your district have worked their entire lives to receive these benefits and rely on them for survival. Where do you stand on these matters?

Joseph Billie: Social Security should never be cut and should only be used by those who paid into it. Medicare is the same. These plans should never be touched or threatened by anyone! If anyone pay should be held up it should be congress for not getting the job done!

Red Pill: Thanks for those views. Pat Meehan represents the Dinosaur GOP members who are career politicians. They've accepted money from Special Interests and the like during their history in office. President Trump has proposed Term Limits. What's your stances on such limitations?

Joseph Billie: I am for Term Limits. How many years is open to discussion but House and Senate should be held to certain amount of terms.

Red Pill: Pat Meehan was also appointed as US Attorney by President Bush. Many Americans feel like President Bush is responsible for much of the turmoil in the Middle East and the current recession. Your thoughts on these topics?

Joseph Billie: After 9/11 in 2001 we took the war to them. However, we went in Iraq I am not going to Monday Morning Quarterback the President. He had the intelligence info and he did what he thought was needed at the time. Seeing the chemical weapons Syria and ISIS are using now we know where they got them. I am pro-military. If I could go back in the Navy I would. Our generals have had their hands tied for the last 8 years and now we can take the fight to them and keep the Radical Islamic Terrorists away from our country by taking them out before they get here but thanks to the last 8 years and open borders. God only knows how many are here already just waiting.

Red Pill: Let's talk a bit more about your character and your family. Anything you'd like to tell us about your values and how you've acquired them in life through your family?

Joseph Billie: Growing up in a firehouse I learned to put others first. I always try and help people no matter what. My father is almost 79 and still drives a fire truck. My brother is a Police Officer. So public service is all I have ever been good at. I have no special interests except the people.

Red Pill: How do you feel you can make a difference in your community by actually representing the wishes of the people, something Meehan clearly hasn't done in the eyes and minds of many. In fact, most would suggest he's done nothing during his tenure for the people back home. What would you do differently?

Joseph Billie: Well, I never forget where I've come from. I have spoken to local fire departments and being a fireman I know the struggles we are facing. I want to help all first responders (PD, FD, EMS) get the equipment the need so the taxpayers are not hit with rising taxes to cover these items. For instance; fire gear, helmet, coat, pants, boots and gloves cost about $2,500 per set. SCBA (Air Pack) $3,500-$5000 each, Basic fire Engine $350,000-$500,000 Ladder truck $800,000 - $1,200,000. Police need better protection and weapons and communication. Like where I live near the De/PA border, the police cannot talk to each other. State police cannot talk to local police. And training is very expensive for these fire departments. Most departments in the 7th District are Volunteer. We are a dying breed and need help. I am sure the rest of the country is the same and I want to help by brother and sister firefighters.

Joseph Billie: Now our Veterans. Our Veterans have been forgotten until recently. But only because political jobs are in jeopardy. I will not only fight for my fellow veterans but the future veterans. I would love (if elected) to sit down with President Trump, VA Sec and a few select Veterans groups and hash out a retirement medical plan for all veterans to go with Medicare when they retire to cover anything their retirement won't cover. I know it can work.

Red Pill: That will conclude the interview sir. Thank you so much for time and I wish you the best of luck for yourself and the people of your district

Joseph Billie: Thank you!

Joseph Billie is a Republican Congressional Candidate running for Pennsylvania’s 7th District Primary. You can support his campaign via CrowdPac here:

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