By: Earnest Jones | 11-03-2016 | News
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Hillary Clinton Tries To Attack Donald Trump In abide To Shift Attention From The FBI Review

The Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is trailing behind in the polls after the FBI released a revelation from her email server showing various conversations that the FBI director James Corney released to the congress. In a abide to counter the adverse effects that the FBI has waged on her campaign, Hillary Clinton has resulted in a counter move that aims on shifting attention to the Republican nominee Donald Trump. The Democratic nominee has strived to shift the nation’s attention to the Republican nominee Donald Trump after she spent crucial time with the F.B.I in open conflict.

The Democratic nominee’s campaign officials have continued to attack the F.B.I director James B. Corney claiming that his move on releasing the ambiguous update about Hillary Clinton using a private email server and re-opening investigation into the matter was inappropriate and unacceptable. However, with the presidential election being around the corner, the Democratic nominee’s campaign team seemed to have reached a decision to divert attention from Hillary Clinton by attacking the Republican nominee.

In a statement made by the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in a rally, she made a statement saying that every time she thought about the Republican nominee; she would recall the Republicans history on how he has demeaned women. This statement seemed to be a counter attack on the Republican nominee Donald Trump after she was faced by the F.B.I set-back, well, any keen political analyst would tell you that this are just counter moves that Hillary Clinton is making.

In an outdoor rally, Hillary Clinton raised Trump’s allegations making them the center focus of her speech saying that Trump’s behavior was painful and that it was a matter that should be addressed and not wished away.

The Democratic nominee’s move clearly exposed her campaign’s direction in the homestretch. This evidently shows that she is trying her best to discredit Mr. Trump. However, the polls prove that her efforts are counter-productive.

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