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Bombshell Dropped on Obama By Congress

On Wednesday The House Oversight and Governmental Reform Committee released a complete annihilation of President Obama condemning that his administration covered up the death of United States Border Agent Brian Terry.

American Border Agent Brian Terry was killed during a gunfight along the US-Mexico border with members of the Mexican Drug Cartel. Investigations proceeding the murder showed that the guns found at the scene of the crime were able to be traced back to a gun store in Phoenix, Arizona.

Upon further investigation, it was revealed that the United States Government knowingly allowed these gun stores to sell firearms to criminals who the government was monitoring in order to trace the guns and where they would inevitably end up. Such an action was highly illegal and raised extreme controversial arguments around the Obama Administration.

The DOJ’s oversight of the Department of Bureau, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) was directly responsible for this mishandling and the death of an American due to the illegal activities. Many investigative journalists at the time called out the controversy of the “Fast and Furious” operation demanding charges are filed and justice brought forth against the agencies in the name of Brian Terry.

Several mishaps had occurred under Eric Holder and the Obama DOJ, but in this particular blunder, the operation somehow lost track of over approximately 2400 high powered weapons. Two of these guns which were supposed to have been monitored were actually found at the scene of Brian Terry’s murder.

The DOJ then promised to review itself in an “internal probe” in which critics touted as a gross mishandling of justice for not appointing an independent agency to review the information surrounding the investigation. Nothing ever came of the DOJ’s probe and to this day no justice has been served.

That all changed on Wednesday as the release from Congress stated the operation was “largely a sham, and it prioritized politics and spin over public safety. The Department’s efforts focused on managing the day-to-day media cycle and protecting its senior political appointees rather than thoroughly investigating allegations of misconduct raised by whistleblowers.” The report stated.

The Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Senator Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, said after the report that the Obama Administration “had no intention of looking for honest answers and being transparent. In fact, from the onset, bureaucrats employed shameless delay tactics to obstruct the investigation.” he went on to say.

The House of Representative was able to obtain documents that showed Attorney General Eric Holder never made any attempts “to track down the more than 2,000 firearms lost along the Southwest border” or provide any other “coordinated assistance for the Terry family.”

The report went on to say, “More than five years after Brian’s murder, the Terry family still wonders about key details of Operation Fast and Furious. The Justice Department’s obstruction of Congress’s investigation contributed to the Terry family’s inability to find answers.”

What will happen next remains to be known? However, this report directly suggests the Obama Administration and the DOJ under Holder failed to properly investigate and essentially covered up the crimes.


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RP evidence is a conspiricy site

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