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E-Celebrity Star Austin Jones Charged With Child Pornography

Austin Jones, a twenty-four-year-old internet heart-throb performance artist from Bloomingdale, Illinois has been charged in a Federal Court for his possession of Child Pornography.

There are two felony counts of ‘Production of Child Pornography’ against the young star; with each count carrying a mandatory minimum possible sentence of 15 years per count in prison if he's convicted.

Jones has a popular YouTube channel with over five hundred thousand subscribers and many of his videos have received well over a million views each. He writes original songs and also does covers of popular music on his channel. He has built a massive following releasing new material weekly.

That stardom, however, hasn't been enough to give Jones control over his urges, as an unsealed criminal indictment was presented Tuesday with the charges Jones had engaged in the production of Child Pornography.

The allegations against Jones suggest that he had intimate conversations with two 14-year-old female fans which were sexual in nature. The statement released says that Jones actually asked the two girls to send him explicit videos of themselves and even went as far as encouraging them to perform sexual acts on themselves and film it which they obliged and sent to him.

In an online chat between one victim now known as ‘Victim A’ according to court records, Jones asked her to dance in a sexually provocative manner and to “make it clap super loud and talk about your age the whole time” the court documents said.

The documents also show that last year in a Facebook chat Jones was speaking to another female teen known as ‘Victim B’ where he told her she was “lucky to have his attention” and needed to “prove she was his biggest fan” according to the court complaint. He also went in to ask her to film herself removing her underwear.

The unsealed conversations show much hesitation from both girls as he illegally tried to seduce them both. He went on to say "I'm just trying to help you!" according to the complaint. "I know you're trying your hardest to prove you're my biggest fan, and I don't want to have to find someone else." If the allegations are true as they appear he no doubt attempted to arouse himself through a sexual deviance with minor children.

Victim A pleaded with Jones that she “wanted to stop due to her mother being overprotective” but Jones continued to pursue his fascination with the underage girl. He went on to ask Victim B if she was aware of a unmentioned sexual position and she replied to him “okay lol no” implying she wasn't certain of what he was mentioning.

At the O'Hare International Airport on Monday after his plane's arrival, Jones was taken into custody by law enforcement authorities. He was arraigned in a courtroom led by Judge Michael Mason on Tuesday dressed in a typical orange jail jumpsuit. Jones listened with a misguided and zombie-like gaze upon his face, staring at the floor as prosecutors read aloud the charges and possible penalties.

Judge Mason ordered that Jones remain in detention until a further hearing can be obtained on Wednesday.

This isn't the first time young Jones has been caught in such a controversy, however. Two year's ago he was embroiled in a hell storm over allegations similar to the current case where accusation made by young teens of him asking for inappropriate videos of themselves "twerking," a suggestive dance move made famous by pop star Miley Cyrus.

Parents and fans alike attacked Jones for several weeks after that controversy, which ended with him releasing YouTube video apologizing to the girls he'd asked to send videos. He did say the videos never crossed any sexual lines. "I shouldn't have asked you to do that. It was foolish of me," Jones said in the 16-minute video posted in June 2016. "But there were never any nudes, never any physical contact. It never happened."

Jones went on to say he's an “insecure” person and he became suicidal after the incidents. He ended up being hospitalized taking a release from social media and touring for many months after this occurred.

He recently, however, went back on tour in Europe, tweeting photos from shows and venues in Germany and Poland of himself along with starstruck young fans. His last tweet before his arrest came after one of his concerts where he tweeted "I have honestly never felt so alive.” Ironically he will feel very alive and have to accept the reality of his crimes if they're proven true as he faces them in a court of law.


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What a bunch of sick focks.

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RP turns in friend, pedobear!!!!

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