By Diana Printz  |  11-03-2016   News

In a new video released by Project Veritas Action, a top Democratic donor is caught on camera disparaging members of the African American people in the country at a fundraiser for North Carolina U.S. Senate candidate Deborah Ross. In the video, prominent Ross and major Democratic Donor Benjamin Barber expresses his opinion about blacks who vote Republican by comparing them to Nazis. Mr.Barber calls the African American people “FUCKED IN THE HEAD” if they will support the Republican.

The Sonderkommando were work units made up of German Nazi death camp prisoners.They were usually Jews, who were forced, on threat of their own deaths, to aid with the disposal of gas chamber victims during the Holocaust.The Sonderkommando were made to do tasks that can only repulse yet they had no choice. By simply being in the Sonderkommado, they were doomed to death. Barber compared the African Americans with Sonderkommandos.”They were only helping enemy to destroy them and put them to death” according to him.

Project Veritas Action thought that it’s important to hear the black american people about what they heard from Mr. Barber. They are completely disappointed by Mr. Barber’s opinion. Also they showed outrage about Senate Candidate Deborah Ross who said she will support black americans but showed her true colours by belittling AFRICAN AMERICANS.

“I think that Deborah Ross has shown her true colours. What you just showed me is not racism and condescending and basically calling blacks stupid and ignorant and saying that we are voting against our own self-interest if we support any republican.  I am appalled.  I am in incensed.  Deborah Ross should be called to task for something like that,” said Bishop Wooden, a black voter in North Carolina.

One black GOP community leader still believes Trump can Win. African-American voters should give Donald Trump a chance, because Hillary Clinton's extension of President Barack Obama's policies would continue to get them nowhere, Bruce LeVell, a conservative community leader in Georgia, told CNBC from Atlanta.

For those who had voted for the Democratic party , its never to late to change your ballots. Another job well done for James O’keefe and the Project Veritas Action group they never failed to give us insight on how the election is being controlled and knowing the true colours of the Democratic party.

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The DNC is seriously fucked in the head!

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