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The death of a pit bull in Los Angeles remains shrouded in mystery, and a bone of contention between the police and animal rights and welfare advocates. While the Los Angeles police are continuing with their investigation to establish the circumstances surrounding the dog’s death, advocates firmly maintain the animal was severely abused after being adopted from a shelter.

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Police earlier issued a statement stating the dog’s cause of death was not determined and that she did not suffer from sexual abuse, others continue to question such claims and assert instead that it’s a false narrative.

Since late last month, the LAPD said the pit bull that was suspected of being sexually assaulted, thrown from a car and left to die on a South Los Angeles street was not assaulted at all.

The dog, initially named "Cargo when she was found but had been renamed "Valerie during her stay at the Orange County animal shelter, was discovered Aug. 6 near 85th and Main streets by members of Ghetto Rescue, a nonprofit Anaheim Hills rescue group.

The animal welfare group then posted a fervent running commentary on social media during its effort to rescue the animal, claiming the dog had been thrown out of a small, dark-colored car. They also said the dog wasn't moving and appeared dehydrated.

The dog was taken to a veterinarian where she was found to be suffering from an "extremely swollen vagina.” They said they suspect the dog was 'abused' in “the way you are thinking. They also added that other than the "vaginal trauma, the dog did not appear to have any other scrapes or abrasions.

The dog died shortly after being taken to the veterinary office.

The group also said the dog had suffered a ruptured aorta, possibly caused by trauma to the chest.

The police countered that the suggestion that the dog had suffered "vaginal trauma'' was only an observation made by a veterinary technician.

Social media users continue to get upset with what happened to the dog.

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Anonymous No. 36357 1536312070

Pit Bull, Death Shelter, adopted and abused.

Clearly someone adopted a PIT for the reason a PIT is general adopted.

Anonymous No. 36354 1536442754
There are so many things more important to the world than a dead dog. If there isn't a suspook , then what the heck? LAPD has thousands of gang members to deal with, a special task force on dog fucking is not a reasonable use of resources. This animal rights group from Honkey Heaven is just looking for gibs. A vet tech's story should not be taken as mantra. All these anonymous sources are just another touchy feely attempt for gibs. If there is a dead dog in South Central, what was a white group doing there in the first place? I guarantee SWPL white people can not do anything by drive by quickly with the windows up, and pray not to catch a red light. This is a total and complete niggertown and they don't give a rat's ace about a dog's point of view. So making this a federal case is just an advertisement for the the good white people at Ghetto Rescue an sheet
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