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Great Lakes Water Levels at Half-Century High

Due to an immense downpour across the region this entire Spring, anticipation for rising water levels in the Great Lakes is extremely high.

In fact the rain has been so frustrating that as of June of 2017 the total statistics of downpours are already beyond the pace of which they were in late fall of 2016. Many who live among the Great Lakes have taken extra precautions in barricading their properties from flood waters and potential shifts in foundation due to wet soils.

On Monday the Great Lakes Hydraulics and Hydrology Office at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Detroit District announced that its six-month water level forecast regarding predicted summer water levels on lakes Superior, Michigan-Huron, St. Clair and Erie will be at their highest since 1996-1998.

Keith Kompoltowicz, chief of Watershed Hydrology at the Army Corps Detroit District stated, “Above average precipitation on the Great Lakes and very wet conditions in the months of April and May pushed levels higher than originally forecasted.”

The renowned group has a successful forecast history, suggesting that as of Lake Ontario is up nearly 3 feet (nearly 1 meter) from the level it was at this time last year. The lake exceeded its highest elevation ever for June, which was set in 1952.

Many officials from the Army Corps of Engineers have also hinted that water levels on Ontario are only expected to further increase throughout the summer before they begin to decline for autumn and winter.

Larry Taunt, commodore for the Muskegon Yacht Club, went on to say, “It would be great for us if water levels stayed stable, but that never seems to happen. We may need to spend roughly $15,000 just in order to raise the levels of our docks for security. We're not there yet, but we are looking at that.”

Environment and Climate Change Canada works hand in hand with the Army Corps of Engineers to produce the semi annual six month forecast throughout the year. Such forecasts and documentation of water levels has been a process of the region’s finest since early 1918.


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