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The Reign Of Terror & Downfall Of Liberties Under Merkel

Angela Merkel is known as a vile and despicable leader to most right wing opinionated nationalists across the globe. Some would bode as far as to imply she's struck fear into the hearts and minds of Europeans and Germans alike.

A Nation once proud and strong in heritage and sophisticated engineering, Germany has crumbled into a third world hell hole under Chancellor Merkel. In fact the general public won't even speak out about their restricted rights and tormented traditions due to fear of being imprisoned or fined.

How did this happen to Germany at all? Well after World War II an infliction of both guilt and shame was persecuted upon the German people over the Third Reich and the alleged suffering caused at the hands of Germany under the Nazi era.

So much shame was placed on the spirits of Germans that they made attempts over several decades to repair their legacy and views across the planet by implementing liberal and welcoming policies such as those pushed heavily by pro-globalist groups from a variety of regions.

Germany began to embrace an open borders policy, hardcore left wing suggestions of social justice safe space paranoia, and vile reduction of liberties including the complete downfall of free speech under Merkel.

Most recently in Germany a police officer referred to Merkel as “Insane.” In a free and open society such a provocation would be welcomed even debated. That however is not the case under the modern Führer Merkel, where this officer now faces the terrifying threat of imprisonment or fines simply for speaking his mind.

The police officer is a proud German citizen hailing from the western city of Solingen, who has served a thus far honorable career for the public in service. He now however faces a potentiometer imprisonment, termination, or could be fined three months worth of wages if found guilty of slander.

The officer is an advocate and supporter of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party. The party is very much opposed to Merkel reckless and dangerous open borders policies that have resulted in the arrival of one and three quarters of a million migrants into Europe. Some. Analysts suggest over three million migrants if not more have reached the inside borders of Germany.

So a proud German man dedicating his life to service is being further oppressed by a vile and authoritative leader such as Merkel simply for being vocal opposition to her policies. That my friends is a dictatorship and if you consider the forced immigration which has killed hundreds and caused the rape of thousands of German women you could consider it an outright brutal totalitarian seizure of sovereign Germany.

Merkel is a threat to her own people. They can no longer shop outdoors for clothing and goods without fearing attack from savage Muslims who disagree with their selection of clothing. They must cover up themselves to the point that women look like they would in a nation ruled by Sharia Law. No, this is no longer Germany. This is a country ruled by fear and compares to a military inflicted police state.

Over 65 Million Refugees have fled war torn regions, many of which are suggested to have passed through Germany at some point in what the government lies to the people and calls ‘welcoming them with an open heart’. In fact this isn't the same as welcoming friends or assisting the homeless Mrs Merkel, this is opening the floodgates to barbarians who wish to destroy and conquer Europe entirely.

The German Chancellor Merkel faces great opposition not only from within her own walls but across the continent. Those opposition groups blame her as the vile leader of the European Union responsible for the Genocide of native Europeans. They cannot assemble in public however, for fear of persecution or imprisonment.

No these resistance groups have to operate in the shadows. Comprised of police and judges and attorneys and doctors and ironworkers and automobile industry employees. Working class men and women proud of their heritage and tradition and disgusted by watching what Mrs Merkel has done to their society.

The decay of traditional values is enough to enrage any common man. As such that in the darkness they plot and organize in order to defeat the brutality being forced upon themselves and their children. A civil war is brewing, yet those on the resistance side of Nationalism know that in order to defeat the globalist puppetmaster’s desires they must first gain the support of the majority whilst doing so underground.

Poland is a great source of this leadership that dwells from beneath. An ethnically homogenous nation battles EU efforts to distribute asylum seekers. However even in Warsaw the right-wing Polish government is under pressure from the EU to finally begin accepting asylum seekers. But it’s the country’s leading opposition party that’s paying the political price.

Poland, along with Hungary, has refused to take in any refugees under a 2015 deal that was supposed to allocate 160,000 people among EU member countries in order to take the load off Greece and Italy. The truth be told that Merkel will inflict her iron fist upon the economies which refuse to cooperate with her forced migration Genocide of Europe is a reality that lingers in the hearts and minds of all opposition right wing governments.

One thing is certainly clear: Mrs Merkel is hated. She is despised in the shadows. She is despised in the minds of the public even if they refuse to admit it openly. They are organizing. They are resisting. They are protecting the existence of their people and a future for their children. In Europe and in Germany albeit from within the deepest hiding places, the fire rises.

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Anonymous No. 3632 2017-06-14 : 01:17

Once upon a time, there was a storyteller who when he couldn't find nasty truths that he liked, he invented them. Like the tall tale of the mystic policeman, blah, blah, blah

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