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A Look Inside The Socialist Misery Of Venezuela

Deep inside the Bogata airport of the capital of Colombia, Venezuelans show a Look of dismay across their faces at the socialist collapse of their nation. Mention heading to Caracas and they'll be shocked to hear that anyone would head into that hell hole.

Journalists aren't allowed into Venezuela without a special Visa while entry Visas still remain easily accessible to the general public. Most reporters often have to claim they're tourists to even gain access into the crumbling nation.

Possibly due to the embarrassment and bad press related to the crumbling infrastructure, the media often has to silently approach citizens to interview them at all. A Brietbart journalist was approached by an officer at the Airport who said,

“What is the real motive of your visit?” to which the reporter had to claim he was visiting his girlfriend.

“Welcome to Venezuela.” the officer replied with a smile on his face. Leaving the Simon Bolívar International Airport and heading towards the city center, the visible contrasts between Caracas and Bogota are noticeable. What was once one of the battlefields of the global drug war is now an formerly one of the world’s major drug war is now a haven of a police state due to years of turmoil.

Statues and monuments are dedicated to promoting Chávez’s socialist revolution and Nicolás Maduro’s authoritarian regime. Armed police officers stand on every street corning closely monitoring the public. The opposition movement attempts to undermines official government propaganda with its own graffiti which litter the buildings and streets.

The opposition effectively accuses the regime of destroying the country through authoritative policies. Keep in mind Venezuela is the nation with the highest oil reserves in the world.

There isn't a day that goes by where anti-government protests do not occur. Since March alone 84 protesters have been killed. The savage armed police use water cannons, rubber bullets, and smoke bombs to attempt to place a lid on the overflowing chaos that is daily life.

Protests have the aura of an overly rioting Soccer crowd, ready to pounce on the opposing team’s fans in a moments notice. There is however a sense of Venezuelan pride and patriotism as the streets are filled with corner merchants selling Venezuelan flags and other pro-regime propaganda.

The closer you get to a military barrier though the more the violence begins to erupt. Smoke bombs and tear gas are used as often as traffic lights change to let cars flow through. Anarchy it would seem in specific areas.

Many of those protesting are incredibly young. Most in their teens. A rebellious nature and spirit that will no longer accept the barbaric nature of their cruel socialist regime. One masked group of teens stated, “This is a fight for our families, for our future,” they said with their masks on. “We will risk our lives every day for as long as it takes to bring down this dictatorship.”

A local taxi driver Nelson Álvarez went on to say, “The only way I see out of the current regime is a military coup. Some people have accused me of indifference towards the current political situation, but I have a family to look after. No matter how many or how violent the opposition protests, the key to bringing down this government are the military.”

Taking a look around Venezuela suggests this oil dominant nation on the brink of total collapse. If not due to the daily ongoing violence, the overwhelming poverty, or the landfill piles of trash and waste in the streets, nothing is working as it should be. In January, inflation reached over 800 percent. Many analysts predicted it could reach 1500 percent by the end of the 2017.

Even at one of the city’s most exclusive hotels, breakfast offerings remain scarce and electricity and internet connection regularly cut out. This is the normal for Venezuelans even at the highest levels. No lights. No food. No hope.

Many will cast blame on the collapse in oil prices in 2012. However others in a vast majority believe the country needs serious economic reform. During 17 straight years of hardcore Socialism not much has changed and even more rights as well as lived have been lost.

Globalist left-wing elites from many nations refuse to accuse the socialist system itself, and not the people running it, of being the problem. Such policies have led to the chaos and suffering of all Venezuelans at the peril of the deniability that this socialist ideology simply cannot and will not every work.


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Welcome to future America

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