By: Earnest Jones | 11-03-2016 | News
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Changing Aspects To Watch For With 6 Days Left To The Presidential Election

The Presidential election is six day’s around the corner and the Republican nominee Donald Trump and the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton are all working hard towards winning the race to the White House, the race has taken a different turn as it tightens up for both candidates. As the clock ticks, the presidential candidates are running out of time and their likelihood to impact the voter’s decisions is diminishing by the hour, its therefore inevitable for both candidates to step-up their efforts.

This is the rush hour for the presidential candidates to strategically plan and on the critical decisions that will drastically affect the outcomes of the election. The next moves that every candidate makes in the next six days will inevitably affect the results they get. As the race tightens here are the key things to watch out for.

Will gender take the forefront?

The Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is making history with her aspirations to be the next president of the United States; this aspiration has barely been addressed in major conventions during the campaigns but in an on and off state it has been addressed.

The Democratic nominee has strived so hard to ensure that she tarnishes Trump’s reputation on how he handles women; this is aimed at placing Trump in a self-protective state regarding how he treats women. Clinton has relied heavily on this by using it to try and destroy Trump.

In the recently concluded rally that took place in Florida on Tuesday, Hillary emphasized on her commitment to support the female gender. Clinton was accompanied by the former beauty pageant Alicia Machado.

Republicans Support for Mr. Trump

Republicans have often backed Donald Trump with the changing polls amongst the presidential candidates; the differences between the candidates has often changed, Trump has used this to his advantage by using unconventional approaches in the Presidential campaign. With the aid from Governor Mike Pence, Trump is still working towards garnering support from the Republicans. This clearly shows that Trump understands the fact that by cementing the Republicans support he’ll be better off to handle the Democratic nominee.

Will Obama and Trump enter a political Fight?

As the race to the White House intensifies, the Democratic nominee has been relying heavily on president Obama. Obama is currently the most important pillars for the Democratic nominee. Obama has often tried to provoke Trump into anger to throw him off balance, this adversely affects Trump’s stand in the race to the White House. However, Trump has unleashed a deal to the black community in abide to get their much-needed support. However, Obama stands as a threat to the Republican nominee’s race to the White House due to his ability to garner the black people’s votes.

The Effect of Swing States

The race to the White House is intensifying this comes at a time when the elections are only six days away. However, any keen political enthusiast can assert to the fact that the real battle is for the key swing states such as Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Carolina. The presidential candidates have taken unconventional approaches by campaigning in such key states and even spending large amounts on Television commercials. Trump made a visit to Michigan and New Mexico this week as he steps up his game to garner more votes. The Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has planned to head to Arizona on Wednesday to capitalize on the not so good Hispanic votes for Trump.

The next six days will dictate the outcomes of the November 8th election so let’s watch out what each candidate will unleash in the intense race.

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