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Muslims in Europe Killing for Sport is the New Normal

It's almost a weekly basis now throughout Europe that tragedy unfolds before our very eyes. Muslim invaders and radicalized Muslim citizens kill for sport on such a frequent time frame that the media and the people no longer seem to bat an eye.

A never ending cycle of uncertainty and despair continues to strike at the core of the very foundation that freedom loving Europeans have allowed to collapse across the continent in the name of political correctness. With each death they throw a celebration or a concert or have a candlelight vigil yet nothing is done to prevent the next life from being taken.

Blood spills daily it seems as the ignorance of cultural Marxism’s overwhelming brainwashing capabilities seems to bear fruit. Through academia generations have been filtered into accepting tragedy in the same fashion as they'd purchase a gallon of milk; with a ‘Thank You’ and a smile.

The ‘religion of peace’ known as Islam is touted as an accepting and diverse inclusion into societies by governments and the politicians elected by the people to represent their interests. Apparently those interests are merely that of watching the blood of innocents continue to be spilled on their open streets due to their open borders policies.

Are these once proud Europeans not the of the same ancestral line that brought forth Alexander the Great and Napoleon Bonaparte? Are they not warriors and Nordic god-like creatures of power and masculinity? Ones who would rather lay down their life on the battlefield before ever kneeling before a crusading invader like that which is of Islam? Where is the heart of these great grandchildren of a fighting heritage?

For example, horror breaks out in a Munich, Germany train station as a policewoman is shot in the head after a man grabs a police gun at a suburban train station just today. The media tells the people it's an ‘isolated incident’ whilst they should continue to set forth about their day as if it never happened.

Even worse they actually proceed to continue their day as if the event never took place. Cowardly self-loathing and imperialist guilt settle over them as their propaganda outlets shame them unto guilt for even questioning the subversion of their society by the Marxist agenda which legislated the laws. The very rulings that will imprison then for mentioning or debating the horrors or the invasion of the Muslim horde.

The propaganda machines of their intelligence agency and corporate funded mainstream media force them to accept the narrative without provocation or else dare be smeared as a bigot or a racist or a sexist or whatever terminology and labels they can stick to an individual. There is a fear of being proud and a target painted onto the backs of every man and woman who are willing to speak the truth.

Decades of intentionally teaching the youth to be accepting and politically correct have led to this very moment where they're uncertain as to whether or not they will survive simply walking across a bridge on a busy work day in London. Those in Paris must fear gazing at the Eiffel Tower never knowing if a homicidal beast radicalized by extremist Imams will plow into them in a truck or explode and kill their children.

Yet they do nothing. They sit back and accept it in order to be accepted by the society that's been molded by the Liberal antics of a globalist regime. A plan written out decades ago to formulate a global governance masterminded by a handful of bankers who wish to profit off an international monetary policy and the inclusion and control of all races and ethnicities of people under their microscope.

The very ancestors who spilled their blood, sweat, and tears fighting against tyranny and witnessing atrocities in order to ensure their children and their children’s children would have a promising hope of a free and safe tomorrow would be rolling over in their graves if they could see the emasculated aspect of the modern man.

No doubt they must be in the heavens above shedding tears every time they look forth at the abomination which exists in the cities they once lived in. The heartbreak of many generations losing their sons to wars was promised to those people to protect the future yet the future in itself is an apocalypse they could never have imagined.

Women and men dressing in their opposite sex’s clothing and parading as dogs and submissive pets with degeneracy rapidly increasing with each granule of sand that passes through the hourglass. No sense of honor or creed or even hope as they live for the moment with drugs and television programming as well as social media to distract them from their reality.

Well my friends the reality is not something you can ignore. The facts cannot be changed they are legitimate and scientific. Open your eyes and gaze upon Europa and tell me what you see. Is this the Utopia of yesteryear’s promise which was granted unto your ancestors? I think you know the answer is clear that this Europe is nothing more than a degenerate wasteland of filth and decay.

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Anonymous No. 3615 2017-06-13 : 14:41

Amazing "news". If only every platform could be as objective and truth-telling as you people are.

Anonymous No. 3641 2017-06-14 : 01:50

Hey R.P, am I getting under your skin? Your drivel is becoming more and more desperate.. what's next, knitting needles are the secret sign of the world order of ninja grannies? how about red pill takes blue pill… and a long vacation in bedlam. Buh bye, cuckoo, cuckoo….

Anonymous No. 3706 2017-06-15 : 01:53

While some of the allegations seem a bit wild, I would point out that the fundamental statement is essentially true; violent muslims are not compatible with peaceful Europeans.

DaveForTexas™ No. 3733 2017-06-15 : 16:48

Thanks for the great article, Red Pill.

I reposted and liked it on "gab".

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