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A teenager tragically lost her life in a desperate bid to retrieve her lost smartphone. Truly a heartbreaking story.

15-year-old aspiring actress Imogen Roche wanted to get her cell phone from a locked room at a Tribeca house party so badly that she thought she could manage climbing onto the fire escape to get in through a window. Roche must have miscalculated or just really suffered an unfortunate moment when she lost her balance and fell to her death instead.

The Beacon High School sophomore slipped and plunged five stories from the apartment building on Reade Street near West Broadway in Manhattan close to 11 p.m. on Sunday. Sources from law enforcement said Roche landed on her back. She was rushed to Bellevue Hospital Center, where she later died.

Police said the teens at the party were drinking and it was bad timing that the owner of the apartment was out of town at the time of the accident.

A former resident at the Tribeca building who lived in a sixth-floor loft said that the windows leading to the fire escape are dangerous.

It is not clear how the phone got there. What is certain is the unfortunate death left everyone shocked and heartbroken.

One of the teenager’s neighbors said: “This is heartbreaking, literally heartbreaking. She was adorable, and her dad was an amazing father, a single parent.”

A former teacher also stated that Roche was a good student and that she was close to her father. The teacher said: “In class, she was very attentive, disciplined and a good listener. Very bright. She was very close to her dad. They were always together.”

The teen’s father, Theseus Roche, works as a director of after-school programs for Manhattan Youth. He’s also a writer, actor and a member Screen Actors Guild.


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>saves smortphone

>does something dumb

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house party. underage drunk falls to death making bad decisions while intoxicated

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One less thot around, nothing of value was lost.

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>When your so desperate to delete your internet history
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