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North Korean Drone Films US Missile Site, Crashes

A North Korean Drone that is suspected to have possibly flown over and filmed a US Missile Defense Shield in South Korea has apparently crashed near the border. The Defense Ministry located the wreckage of the aircraft on Tuesday.

Frictions are already incoherently high in the Korean Peninsula between the North Korea Government of Kim Jong Un and the American-backed South Koreans in Seoul. Just four days ago in a display of provocation, the North Korean military fired new Anti-Ship Missiles which forced a reaction of criticism from South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

It's apparent to the civilized world that the North Korean ambition of pursuing nuclear weapons will never falter until either they accomplish a success regional warfare occurs. China is uneasy at their shared border with North Korea and continues to supplant troop movement alongside the border in case of an uncertain future where refugees would flock into China if a war would break out.

The North Korean drone crashed alongside the South Korean border where military investigators have stated there were hundreds of photos found within a Sony Camera built into the hardware of the aircraft. The Defense Ministry will monitor the photographs and determine whether or not they were digitally transferred before the crash occurred.

At least ten of the photos found were said to be a US Missile Defense System including launchers and a radar system that the United States has installed in the South Korean town of Seongju earlier this year. The other remaining photos appear to be of infrastructure and agriculture facilities including but not limited to local farms that supply food to the South Korean Military.

Due to ever rising concerns of a possible North Korea Nuclear threat the United States worked out a deal with the South Korean President’s conservative predecessor to install what is known as the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense systems. The North Korean criticized such maneuvers as an ‘act of war’ which is typical rhetoric coming from Kim Jong Un.

Kim proceeded to accuse the United States of simply ‘manipulating the region to further advance the hegemony of the Imperial Satan’. Wide-ranging criticisms from China have also occurred over the deployment THAAD’s powerful radar system can peer into its own territories.

Officials on the American side suggest the drone crashed due to a fuel shortage as hovered for far too long without refueling. They've also come to the conclusion that the THAAD sites if transmitted back to the North Koreans such a signal were most likely intercepted by China as well which would give them the approximate coordinates of the weaponry.

This isn't the first time, however, such drones from the North Korean military have either been shot down or crash landed in South Korea. In 2014 several dozen drones were found on the ground after an alleged malfunction that was also equipped with Japanese camera hardware. Those particular drones are said to have taken footage of the South Korean President’s ‘Blue House’. The technology apparently in 2014 in the North Korean arsenal was unable to transmit such images so they're assumed to have died upon impact in the software of the camera.

Tensions are most certainly reaching a boiling point as the North seems relentless in accomplishing their achieving of Nuclear weaponry as President Trump has expressed concerns to many leaders in the region that America is willing to make a premeditated strike. What yet remains to be seen is how the chaotic Kim Jong Un will react as the US ramps up its firepower with the South Koreans.


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