By: Lawrence Snyder | 11-03-2016 | News
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House Chairman Michael McCaul Says Impeachment Possible if Hillary Clinton Gets Elected

As the FBI’s new line of investigation on Hillary Clinton’s private email server pushes through, Michael McCaul, the current House Homeland Security Chairman said that this issue could lead to her impeachment if she gets elected into office.

When FBI Director James Comey first announced that the agency will re-visit the controversial case, it was already expected that the investigations will continue beyond the election on Nov. 8. This means that regardless of who wins the upcoming election, the law enforcement agency will still continue scrutinizing Clinton and her staff members because of this controversy.

As noted by McCaul, the investigations will most likely lead to an indictment on Clinton. If she becomes president and this becomes, then the matter will probably head to the House, which will then process an impeachment hearing.

“Assuming she wins, and the investigation goes forward and it looks like an indictment is pending, at that point in time under the constitution, the House of Representatives would engage in an impeachment trial,” he said according to The Hill.

“It would go to the Senate and impeachment proceedings and removal would take place,” he added. “I would hate to see this country be thrown into a constitutional crisis because of Hillary Clinton’s behavior.”

Although the FBI had only recently decided to start investigating the emails from Clinton’s private server, leaked letters from her camp already seem to indicate her and her staff members’ guilt.

Recently, it was revealed that Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta sent a letter to staffer Cherly Mills stating that they need to delete all of the emails from the server. This message was sent in March 2015, shortly after reports of Clinton using a private server to store confidential documents came out.

“I think there’s ample evidence with a probable cause to get the search warrant now to go before the grand jury and present this new evidence,” McCaul said.

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Anonymous No. 455 2016-11-13 : 04:58

Why do we have to wait until she is elected president? She is a CRIMINAL NOW!!!! He butt needs to be wearing ORANGE RIGHT NOW!!

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