By: Savannah Smith | 11-02-2016 | News
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FBI To Revive Corruption Probe on Clinton Foundation, Too

Hillary Clinton's ghosts continue to haunt her as the presidential campaigns wind down. Not only is the FBI reinvestigating her private email server scandal in light of new evidence, but sources at the bureau say that the agency is intensifying the probe into pay for play and other possible anomalies of the Clinton Foundation and its relation to the State Department when Hillary served as Secretary of State.

The FBI's Clinton Foundation investigation has now taken on a " very high priority" level, after a year-long probe. A great avalanche of new evidence is coming in every day, sources have shared to Fox News. Some are related to the WikiLeaks releases, while some are completely from what agents working on the case have collected on their own.

As such, agents have renewed interest and vigor to probe deeper, interviewing and re-interviewing more sources. The FBI's White Collar Crime Division is behind the investigation.

Sources at the agency also revealed that agents have found secret recordings of suspects talking about the Clinton Foundation from an unrelated corruption investigation. Agents felt they have found enough basis to pursue the said discoveries that could lead to building a stronger case against the Clinton Foundation, and people behind it.

It was also revealed, however, that the agents are confronted with a challenge: a seeming tug-of-war between the agents who want to pursue the case on one end and on the other, high ranking bureau officials and Department of Justice senior officials who are not supportive of the idea to pursue the case against Clinton Foundation and State Department officials. The agents believe in the strength of their evidence and other possible leads, while the FBI and DOJ officials are dismissive, if not utterly undermining, of the pieces of evidence.

No matter the huge disappointments and frustrations they face, agents are determined to pursue the case, hence the intensified probe to prove whether contributors to the Clinton Foundation received favorable treatment from the State Department while Hillary Clinton was at the helm.

Two heightened investigations- the private email server scandal and mishandling of classified information relevant to the national security, and corruption charges between the State Department during Hillary's term and the Clinton Foundation- these simply would not go away, no matter how Hillary try to wave them off. These issues are haunting her now, will haunt her on November 8 and beyond, until we all come to the truth.

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