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First New Coal Mine of the President Trump Era Opens In Pennsylvania To Extraordinary Praise

President Trump ran a campaign of protecting American industry including and not limited to the United States’ historic Coal Manufacturers. ‘Make Coal Great Again’ was applauded all throughout the industry from the workers within the mines to the small businesses and corporations which supported the President’s ideals.

Today that's exactly what happened as the Corsa Coal Corp’s Acosta Mine, the first if it's kind; opened with great celebration 60 miles south of Pittsburgh. Hundreds of miners and leaders from local communities as well as respected business owners gathered to a flag waving and patriotic celebration of the opportunities that will present itself to the Coal Industry under President Trump.

President Trump himself gathering screaming cheers of support from the high energy and enthusiastic crowd sent a video message to those in attendance saying, “When I campaigned for president I said that we would end the war on coal and put our incredible miners. That's what you are you are incredible. Back to work!” The crowd was hysterical with excitement knowing that their President loves and supports their valiant and often times dangerous efforts.

This specific mine which will process and excavate metallurgical coal, will be used for the always booming American steel industry. Analysts expect it to create over 100 full-time and high paying jobs. This is great for a region struggling with economic decay and high unemployment during the Obama years. Hundreds of job applications already have poured in.

President Trump's pro American industry policies will be reversing horrendous regulations that have been in place for several decades. Such policies of the past have created a major decline in coal mining. Such a platform from the current administration is receiving high praise across the board.

Trump's new environmental policy casts blame solely at federal regulations aimed at curbing carbon emissions which have resulted in millions of losses for well paying careers in the industry. Trump once again keeps his promises of the campaign while on the trail last year which is what ensured his win from working class voters in Pennsylvania’s coal country and all across America.

James Yoder, a Somerset County Commissioner stated “It will put guys back to work and out money in their pockets. It’s going to be a boom for everyone. The coal industry here is like a rollercoaster,” he said. “We’ve been going downhill for a number of years, but now it looks like we’re starting to go back up.”

Such an attitude is echoed all across the industry as well as on Wall Street as the boom and resurgence in American coal have been critical to the gains seen under Trump's administration. Somerset County specifically has an unemployment rate of around 6.8 percent which is almost 2 points higher than Pennsylvania as a whole. Such a rise in well paying jobs are encouraged for the County and the State of Pennsylvania.

The Acosta Mine is expected to produce an estimated 400,000 tons of metallurgical coal annually. It's also estimated to remain open for a 15 year lifespan. The creation of other jobs related to the mine in a trickledown effect could create another 300 to 400 jobs. A great boom for the region is expected.

There has been a surge in metallurgical coal prices to over $300 a ton over the past year due to China nearly eliminating its own coal production. Due to this the American steel industry is back on top after years of global decline. Terrifying cyclones devestated supplies in Australia, the world's biggest exporter of metallurgical coal, pushing prices even higher.


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Anonymous No. 3588 2017-06-13 : 01:09

Fuck me, how stupid are you. The plans for reopening were in the works before fat fuck credit stealer even ran for president. Congratulations you have a credit whore for a leader

Anonymous No. 3599 2017-06-13 : 05:22

Loosening the restrictions on the environment really helped open this new coal mine.

Anonymous No. 3647 2017-06-14 : 02:06

It was already opening

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