By Red Pill  |  06-13-2017   News
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In a grizzly case of a Triple Homicide police and investigators from the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation are in North Royalton Ohio at the scene.

Law enforcement officials state a mother and her two adult daughters were found dead at the home at 11489 Ridge Road.

Police say that it appears all three were shot to death in a tragic turn of events for two young women who had their entire lives ahead of them and their proud mother.

A family friend arrived to the home around 8 P.M. on Sunday to find the deceased together in a single bedroom. The family is obviously devastated by this turn of events and undoubtedly heartbroken.

Detective Dave Loeding stated his officers are unaware of a possible motive is for the deaths or who a suspect could be at this time but the investigation will indefinitely begin to solve this horrific case in what appears to be a brutal murder of all three.


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