By: Earnest Jones | 11-03-2016 | News
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Donald Trump Headed For The White House Thanks To Florida

The race to the White House is tightening up as the presidential election is around the corner, the whole race has taken a different turn with the unexpected taking place. The Republican nominee Donald Trump is taking the polls by storm; talking about the national polls, the swing state polls, and the voter’s enthusiasm. Mr. Trump has taken over in the last couple of week as he leads the polls according to the ABC pollster’s. This has surprised many people since the Republican nominee has been up under attack by the media and women who are accusing him of several sexual allegations and accusations.

The number of women accusing the Republican nominee had reached an all-time high of around elven women; triggering the question on how feasible it was for a Trump to have inappropriately handled eleven women, that’s a huge number. Despite the many attacks that the Republican nominee has faced in the recent past its shocking how he has managed to overcome the intense attacks and overtake the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

The Republican nominee has shifted gears as the election is around the corner, Donald Trump appears to be on a mission to take over the swing states that are rendering his campaign to be at stake. This will necessitate that the republican nominee raise his chances of getting the 270 electoral votes that are required for him to win the election as the clock ticks.

According to the Fix electoral ratings, Florida has had rapid changes as the state moves from leaning towards the Democratic to being toss-up, this has been evident after the race has become so demanding in the last couple of days in regards to polling in Florida. In a report released by the RealClearPolitics polling average, it’s clear that Florida is in a state of dilemma with the state being torn between the Republican nominee and the Democratic nominee. The New York Times-Siena poll showed that the Republican nominee was leading with four points.

It’s inevitable for the Republican nominee to win in the state of Florida, this is necessary for Trump since his opponent Hillary Clinton has the added advantage in Washington D.C where presidential nominee’s in the Democratic party have won for the last ten years from 1992-2012. This implies that Donald Trump has to take over Florida in order to secure the 29 electoral votes.

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