By: Earnest Jones | 11-02-2016 | News
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Donald Trump Leads Both The National Tracking Poll As The Voter’s Enthusiasm

The Republican nominee Donald Trump has made outstanding progress in the polls, based on reports released by the latest national ABC News/Washington post, Trump has overtaken Hillary Clinton. The Republican nominee has a lead over the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton; this is because of Trumps 46 percent lead in the number of likely voters compared to Hillary Clinton who has a 45 percent of likely voters in the coming election. The Republican nominee has made unimaginable progress by overtaking the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton who was leading the polls nine days ago, with twelve points.

This comes after the Republican nominee had been accused of numerous charges by around eleven women who all had different accusations against the Republican nominee, some accused the Republican nominee of Sexual assault from groping to kissing. The Republican nominee Donald Trump came under very many allegations and accusations all revolving around inappropriately handling women. As if that’s not enough, The Republican nominee also faced several charges regarding the issue of tax evasion. All the while, the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was having a good time as she made her pursuit to the White House; despite the numerous accusations made against the Republican nominee, Trump is leading the polls, that is just awesome.

The race to the White House is gradually tightening, this comes after the Democratic nominee came under scrutiny by the FBI. This started on Friday when James Corney wrote a revelation to the congress. The revelation indicated that the Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton’s emails had been discovered from her secret server. This rendered a huge blow to Clinton’s campaign. This might be the result of the Democratic nominee’s campaign losing ground as the race to the White House gets demanding.

Shortly after the daily tracking poll launched; about one week after that, the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was leading with one point and now the race the White House has taken a different turn, Clinton is now behind in the race. Per the voter’s enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton, the metrics had reached an all-time high on the 22nd of October but unfortunately the same metrics have drastically dropped with voters being enthusiastic about the Republican nominee Donald Trump. Trump has an 8-point lead compared to the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in the Voter’s enthusiasm; Trump top’s the metrics with a 53 percent of the voters saying that they are enthusiastic about voting for the Republican nominee Donald Trump while a minor 45 percent says the same for the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. It’s funny how the Democratic nominee had a 52 percent lead over the Republican nominee who back then had a 49 percent; the scenario has drastically changed. The Republican nominee Donald Trump has a lead nationally considering the poll’s margin of error per the ABC pollster’s.

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