By: Earnest Jones | 06-11-2017 | News
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Bernie Sanders Off-Target on Call for Social Justice

Sen. Bernie Sanders has called on his supporters to take over the Democratic Party, Sanders delivered a speech at the "People's Summit" convention in Illinois.

Sanders was speaking to a crowd of 4,000 activists when he hailed the enormous progress in advancing the progressive agenda, saying that the increase of House and Senate support for a $15 minimum wage and the opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership showed the success of the movement.

He also criticized the strategy and current model that the Democratic Party has adopted, emphasizing that it’s an absolute failure. Sanders recommendation was that the Democratic Party needs fundamental change.

People’s Summit is known to be a gathering of some of the most influential progressive activists and organizations in the nation. The summit received Sanders’s speech as he called on his supporters to move the party toward opening its doors to working people and young people that are prepared to fight for social and economic justice.

A statement made by former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino said that either way, the party has a ridiculous platform. Bongino said that Sanders' chant of social justice means nothing to middle America, since jobs are required in providing the basic needs such as food.


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