By: Earnest Jones | 06-11-2017 | News
Photo credit: James Woods | Twitter

James Woods BTFO Chuck Schumer Over Burner Phone

The future is highly unpredictable, especially in the political scene where political opponents are going right to the edge to make sure they find anything controversial on each other.

The society tends to shift its attention on various institutional, professional, and racial aspects and thus, its relatively hard to tell what will be scrutinized in the future.

It’s therefore important for anyone who is concerned that their devices will be targeted for confiscation and search, heed caution now. It all starts with carrying a burner phone, which is a handset you can wipe clean and destroy without much thought.

The point of using a burner is to avoid leaving a trace of your phone activity.

James Woods is an American actor and producer who was born in April 18, 1947. He is often known for villainous roles and appeared in a variety of films.

The renowned actor tweeted from his official account saying that:

Is that a burner phone, @ChuckSchumer? Is that what you use to take orders from #GeorgeSoros? Don't want those conversations on record?

Charles Schumer and George Soros are alleged to go long ways. In response to Woods tweet, some users claimed that Schumer answers to George Soros and his son.

Majority of the comments on Woods tweet applauded his perceptiveness in taking note of the fine details. James Woods has an IQ of 187. He was given a full scholarship to MIT and its without a doubt that his allegation has truth to it.


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Anonymous No. 3567 2017-06-12 : 15:52

Hey James, how's Family Guy treating ya? :)

By the way, the I.Q thing?

The report was investigated and found to be unreliable for two reasons:

it was traced to a single source, and of course this makes the claim unverifiable by skeptical standards.

The source for all the stories appears to be this story from June 1 on Sinembargo, a Mexican online news site.

The news are claimed to come from Mensa, but they have categorically disclaimed this.

Mensa International has NOT issued a list of celebrity members recently, as many on-line stories have been claiming. Attempts are being made by Mensa to discover the source of these stories and to have false claims removed.

Furthermore, the numbers are impossibly high!

A perfect Mensa test gives a score of 162, but a score of 180 is claimed, and the news are reported in national newspapers. The wikipedia article on Woods does not report anything, which seems highly unlikely.

Even with a specialized test to measure such a high IQ, a score of 180 is extremely unlikely. Based on how IQ scores are built, 1 σ is 15 IQ points, therefore a score of 180 represents a 5.33σ percentile. This means that is achieved only in 1 test in 20,000,000. Not impossible, but certainly an extraordinary claim without any evidence.

Another Trump?

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