By: Earnest Jones | 11-02-2016 | News
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Donald Trump’s Speech In Pennsylvania; Big Blow To The Affordable Care Act

The Republican nominee Donald Trump has had a track record of delivering outstanding speeches that are straight to the point in regards to the issues that he is concerned about. The Republican nominee also tends to take a detour and address issues that he thinks are of great importance to his race to the White House. Mr. Trump also talks about the areas that are contentious in the presidential campaign, this ends up grabbing the media’s attention and he ends up grabbing headlines; is this part of his campaign strategy? Well, who knows. This strategy might be counter-productive If not well devised, but the Republican nominee has a way of effectively using the strategy to make sure that it works wonders.

Donald Trump’s speech on Tuesday in Pennsylvania took the same turn but Trump seemed to have stepped it up a notch higher. This has raised a lot comments from the political analyst as they insinuate that this speech made my Trump in Pennsylvania I one of the best that Trump has made in the recent past. Trump proved to be an effective communicator and messenger by giving an astounding speech in Pennsylvania.

Trump managed to effectively address the controversial issue on the Affordable Care Act; present at the event were a group of Doctors and nurses who ended up inclining towards acting up like the Republican members of Congress. The Republican nominee addressed the controversial issue concerning the Affordable Care Act; Trump pointed out on how the Health care act had failed to deliver on its promises as the Democrats had previously promised that it would deliver; Trump seemed to have perfectly timed his speech as open enrollment in the federal health insurance marketplace was scheduled for 2017 and Tuesday was the first day.

The Republican nominee Donald Trump stuck to the script by emphasizing on the controversial issue on the Obamacare by using it as a perfect example to illustrate the Democrats incompetency; he re-emphasized that Obamacare was one of the many policies that the Democrats have always pushed for in the past and that culture of ineffective policies would continue unless the United States Citizens did something regarding that.

The Republican nominee stated that the Obamacare was a total catastrophe; Trump cited president Obama’s remarks, Obama continuously lied to the American people that if they liked their plan, they could keep it; Trump also cited that if you like your Doctor, you could keep your Doctor. Trump said that this might be the biggest lie to ever go down in history. Trump also cited the Democrats incompetence in believing Obama’s lie as they ended up approving the legislation.

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