By: Savannah Smith | 06-10-2017 | News
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Nationwide #MarchAgainstSharia Taking Place

Protests against Islamic law is taking place in dozens of cities in many states today primarily to condemn the human rights violations of the law, and the anti-women, anti-children and anti-gay beliefs and practices in sharia law in a massive, global campaign called #MarchAgainstSharia.

Around 28 cities including New York, Dallas and Atlanta in 19 cities are participating in the #MarchAgainstSharia. The protesters view sharia law as a “7th century set of laws” which barbarically still allow men to “treat women and gays like garbage.” They also condemn such practices as gender mutilation being done on women and children.

The #MarchAgainstSharia is also happening in the wake of Islamic attacks all over the world, although today’s event has been scheduled months before.

Spearheading the protests is the organization Act for America which counts a strong more than five hundred thousand following. The group said they have organized the marches to protect women and children from Sharia which they think “is quietly taking over U.S. law.”

The Act of America is also considered “the NRA of national security” protecting America from terrorism. The group is also known for being close supporters of President Donald Trump.

Conservative organizations like Three Percenters and Oath Keepers also helped provide security to the marchers as they are met by “counter-protests.” The other group is protesting the #MarchAgainstSharia as a “hate campaign” and an anti-Muslim rally. Police authorities surround the rallies to prevent clashes between the two opposing groups.

In Seattle, a speaker for the March Against Sharia said to the crowds: “We are not anti-Muslim. We are anti-radical Islam.” Antifa groups shouted “Nazis!” to the sharia protesting groups. Other demonstrators fought back and yelled: “Commie scum!”

In a breaking news development, an oath keeper died of a heart attack while defending #MarchAgainstSharia goers in New York City as reported on Twitter by @TEN_GOP. Antifa laughed while he was dying. The post called the response of Antifa groups “disgusting.”


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Anonymous No. 3569 2017-06-12 : 16:02

Savannah Smith, always first with news, wait, what? twitter………… your source is twitter?

Anonymous No. 3603 2017-06-13 : 05:29

Whats wrong with Twitter? It is a legitimate source and Spicer said that Trumps tweets are official.

Anonymous No. 3700 2017-06-14 : 23:18

Yeah, and look how accurate Chump is….

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