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`Trump vs. Clinton : Last Week Of The Wildest Presidential Election`

It’s the last week before the wildest Presidential election I can remember. The gloves are coming off, as the two candidates look for the knockout blow to finish off their opponent.

Hillary Clinton seems to have the referee on her team, as she pummels Donald Trump below the belt. Her last week strategy seems to be to highlight character flaws in the Republican candidate. Nonstop commercials and speeches insisting that Donald Trump is abusive to women, and a really bad guy. Her appeals are directed at the emotions of the voters. There is little substance to her claims, but there is little time left for her, as she burns bridges around the country in an effort to keep Donald out of the Whitehouse next year.

Donald Trump is keeping to the facts, and the platform of his party. He is hitting hard at Obama care, the health plan that Hillary Clinton pushed for 2 decades before Obama finally signed it into law. This health plan has proven to be fatally flawed, and Trump explains how he will repeal it, and fix health care in the United States. As it stands, Obama care, will have a premium increase of at least 25% next year, and more and more clinics and hospitals refuse to accept it. In some places there is no competition at all, and only one plan is available. In these locations, you can expect the premium to raise more than 25% as the insurers take advantage of those that are most dependent on them. Donald Trump says there has been enough of this usury by the health establishment, and vows to put a stop to it during his first term as President.

Even though Hillary’s defenses are down, and all of the accusations she has made about Donald have been proven manufactured, or false. Trump has not resorted to a similar tactic. He has taken the honorable ground and hits hard at the facts of the election. In another week we will know, who’s tactic worked, but for me, I respect Trump’s decision not to play dirty, all the way to the end of the campaign.

Hillary’s sneaky dirty tricks make her less presidential in my eyes. It will be hard for her to overcome the low opinion so many have formed of her these past few weeks as scandal after scandal are released by the FBI.

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