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Photo credit: Google Earth/Malaysia Airlines

Despite the official investigation finally coming to a close in January 2017, four years after Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 disappeared with 239 souls aboard, a conspiracy theorist says he may have found the missing plane. Although debris washed ashore along the western Indian Ocean in 2015 and 2016 was confirmed to be parts of the missing plane, this conspiracy theorist presents Google Earth satellite imagery showing an intact jet just below the surface of the water.

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The photo with the underwater outline of a plane was found after a searcher who was scanning images off the coast of Padang, Indonesia discovered it just one hour from where MH370 took off from at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The fatal departure took place in March 2014 and the hundreds of souls aboard the flight were never heard from again.

The finder of the photograph shared it but did not identify himself saying, "Just putting this out there, what if this was the MH370 after all this time? Some will say it's just an aircraft coming in for landing caught on satellite, some may say this is just a bogus post. But just imagine the aircraft came in for a slow soft water landing, in calm waters which is below the radar and they knew it was there for a rescue job."

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The poster continued, "If you do a calculation of its size via Google tools, it's about 12 to 15m long on top of the water. I am not too sure for the formula to calculate its size say at a 15-20m depth of water. Someone may know it." Other online posters agreed it could actually be the missing aircraft. Another poster added, "Yikes, it's not a bogus post, I just checked and it was there. And it ain't coming into land, if you look closely, it looks like it's upside down?"

The conversation between theorists continued with another adding, "It's so close to that island and the main coast, someone had to have survived? Unless it disorientated them being upside down? Nice catch." Others were more skeptical writing, "It's right side up. If it were upside down, the engine mounts would be more visible. Also, this one is above the water, as you can clearly see it, vs if it was at the bottom in the water."

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Adding to the mystery is the fact that the Beijing-bound flight lost contact with air traffic control 40 minutes after take-off over the South China Sea and disappeared from radar. Surely, the official investigators could have found this image if an online search of Google Earth can? And if it isn't missing flight MH370, which flight is it?

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Anonymous No. 35040 1535181811

Take a physics course. Landing in water tears a plane into chunks. Bite sized at that

Anonymous No. 35041 1535181887

Disinformation or outright fraud. Tomato or tomatoe

Anonymous No. 35043 1535182550

More bullshit from the tinfoil hat crowd. Dumb shits know nothing about planes let alone landing a jumbo jet in water. Life isnt a video game, idiots

Anonymous No. 35044 1535182599

Anyone can view the image of the plane with Google Earth, it seems to actually be submerged. Isn't it possible it could have lost power and glided then slid like water ski before sinking?

Anonymous No. 35056 1535186111

landing on water in one piece can be pulled off if everything is just right as sully proved via landing on the Hudson. But the ocean in normally not flat calm and would need to be. The big one for me is if say the pilots pulled off an ocean water landing in one piece they would have had at least 20 minutes of flotation to radio mayday and position, not to mention deployment of emergency ramps and those would have detached from aircraft loaded with people.

AUTOCONNECT No. 35065 1535194823

captain sully landed a plane in the east river in New York , it did not come apart

Anonymous No. 35066 1535195021

Anonymous No. 35040 - better re-think that.

Have you forgotten the Capt Sully landing in the Hudson river ?

The plane stayed afloat and was towed to a harbor not less.

Anonymous No. 35091 1535209652

Planes are not real. Flight is impossible on flat earth. Wake up you are educated stupid.

Empire sentry No. 35098 1535211406

This is a plane coming into land at the city.

Notice there is no distortion of view from being under water.

The outline should be very faint if at all if it were under water.

Upside Down Airplane No. 35106 1535221580

This photo is from Google maps and appears craft is the missing plane. May they rest in peace.

Jeff Allen No. 35124 1535238612

anonymous 35091…..are you stupid or what? Planes don't fly. They get pushed up because the density of the air is less above the wing than below allowing the surface area to be buoyed up. You probably don't believe light is invisible and what you perceive as color is actually the wave spectrum not absorbed by what you see. Retard!

Anonymous No. 35387 1535469850

I don't believe in air travel. It's all a hoax, along with "space" flight. How can something weighing 70 tons stay in the air? Birds fly because the weigh very little. Chickens don't fly because they weigh a lot. And a so called airplane weighs significantly much more than a chicken. I have never been in an airplane, and i don't know anyone who has. People say they are just shills for the government who uses small drones ( that weigh less than chickens) to spray chem trails everywhere. Those drones only look so high because they are very small. It's a known fact that past a mile high, there is not enough air to breathe. Yet we are somehow expected to believe that these airplanes can somehow provide enough air to everyone aboard? Please. Not to mention that flying that close to the sun would cook everyone alive.

Anonymous No. 35437 1535526342

Sully landed in a river dumb shits. Not in the GD ocean. Can we say tides and chop boys and girls? Seriously, go back to school

Anonymous No. 35450 1535533355

>>> 35047 Not getting into the rest of this (I'm a baller), but you obviously haven't spent any time at sea. "Chop?"

The ocean can go from 80' rogue waves to a dead calm flatter than your bathwater.

Anonymous No. 35049 1535541325
Ask a pilot about landing at sea Or a sailor. And yes. The lack of refraction is a give away
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