By Savannah Smith  |  08-23-2018   News
Photo credit: Houston Police

A group of men robbed an adult store in northeast Houston on Thursday. Adding to the robbery, they also raped the woman minding the store. The robbery was reported to the authorities at around 3:20 a.m. involving the Exotic Adult Superstore near Eastex Freeway and Bender Road.

Houston police said four armed people walked into the store, disarmed the security guard, forcibly took his keys and then demanded money from a female store employee.

The robbers did not immediately leave the store. At least two of them sexually assaulted the woman. The woman was able to trigger the panic alarm, and the police responded shortly thereafter.

Some of the robbers ran out of the back door and others jumped into the guard’s vehicle and fled as officers arrived. Police officers chased the vehicle down the Eastex Freeway, where it crashed into the pillar of a freeway overpass at Aldine Mail Route Road.

Some of the robbers were able to escape on foot. One of them, however, was injured and was taken by the police into custody at the scene.

Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying the suspects. Anyone with information is requested to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-8477.


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Anonymous No. 34905 1535072711

well she was in an "adult bookstore", she clearly deserved to be raped

Sickpeopleinthisworld No. 34921 1535084324

To the person who made the sick comment no one deserves to be raped because of their profession. You are one sick fucking bastard. Get some serious help!

Anonymous No. 34923 1535090735

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Slut gets raped by nogs. And this is news?

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White knights defending muh pretend poosy. Fools and cucks
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White knights defending muh pretend poosy. Fools and cucks
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