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The Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren appeared on CNN Wednesday in an attempt to steer the public's attention away from the very real problem of having an unsecured border that is taking the lives of American citizens and divert it to her own party's political agenda.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">On Mollie Tibbetts murder, Elizabeth Warren says we need to focus on &quot;real problems&quot; like illegal immigrants not being able to see to their kids. <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Mark Dice (@MarkDice) <a href="">August 22, 2018</a></blockquote>

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This tactic is straight out of the Democrat and liberal agenda's playbook which seeks to divert attention from the real problem and take a moral high ground so that their own political agenda appears more virtuous. Warren even goes so far as to say that people should be focusing on "real problems", implying that the violent death of an American citizen is not a so-called "real problem".

Warren's despicable statement shows that she cares more about undocumented immigrants and their rights than American citizens and their lives. Warren attempts to minimize the tragic murder of the young, beautiful college student Mollie Tibbetts and instead of confronting the reality that hardened criminals are being allowed into the country illegally she tries to virtue signal by telling the viewers that they should care more about criminals, who are not citizens, being separated from their children, even though when an American citizen is arrested, they are separated from their children.

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Other mainstream media outlets such as Time and MSNBC are even pushing the political narrative that Mollie Tibbetts death is simply being used as political fodder. I would say that Time is right, her death is being treated as fodder but not by conservatives or Republicans but by Democrats like Elizabeth Warren. Warren should feel ashamed of herself, how do you think the Tibbetts family feels when they hear Warren say that their daughter's death is not a "real problem" and that criminals who aren't even American citizens being separated from their children when they are arrested are somehow more important?

The words and thought process of Elizabeth Warren are sick and twisted and do not represent how the majority of good, law-abiding, American citizens feel. Warren's statement only reflects the opinions of a career politician who is so insulated from the real world that she can't even understand that her own words are shameful.

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The problem is simple. Democrats want open borders which means more violent crimes, rapes, drugs, and murders, while the average American citizen, especially those who have been directly affected by illegals, understand that the only way to stop America from becoming the next London is to secure the borders. Most people in California, a sanctuary city, have been impacted by the influx of illegal aliens. Whether it is by being in a car accident where the other driver was an illegal alien with no insurance and fled the scene, or whether they were the victim of another crime.

Some Californian's have even lost their lives due to an illegal alien who never should have been allowed in the country such as Kate Steinle, a young woman shot and killed by an illegal alien. The political elite of California who is pushing the liberal agenda of open borders and sanctuary cities are so insulated from the day to day life of an average Californian that they don't understand they are quickly losing relevance.

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Even the legal immigrants in California understand that illegal immigration is a problem and soon Californians will stop supporting the ignorant politicians who place more value on people from other countries than they do on the lives of their own citizens. I'll leave you with a quick clip from California State University professor Victor Hanson giving his perspective on illegal immigration from ground zero.

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Debbie No. 34828 1534996709

Elizabeth Warren needs to go live on her fake reservation. Insulting the family of a murdered child is about as low as one can go. Warren is a horrible person.

Rance No. 34829 1534997274

We need to stop using the language of the left, screw them if they get offended. He's not an undocumented immigrant, he didn't just lose his papers. He's an illegal alien. Or better yet, since "no one is illegal", criminal alien.

Anonymous No. 34843 1535022910

Let's hope that things get more fucked up fast; the last 70 years have been utter shit and a slow-boil, with Europeans of America resting their complicit-wealthy asses on the dwindling stability that is left.

Fuck the """refugees""", their (((importers))), and thier profiteers.

X3 No. 34861 1535029654

THE LOT OF YOU ARE SO AMAZINGLY STUPID WE OVER HERE IN CANADA GET TO GIGGLE OUR ASS'S OFF. "open borders which means more violent crimes, rapes, drugs, and murders" IS LITERALLY NOT true, by that I mean an utterly bogus statement. facts and many study's across the board utterly disprove this. and I'm sooo sorry one stupid american died NOT. BIG mother fucking deal, you literally START illegal wars, murder and rape your way across the world, supply arms and weapons to dictators and the like, STEAL babys literally weeks old from there parents stick the parents in one camp and the kids in another and cant even be bothered to tell them were they are? ^ the lot of you are literal lunatics, you dont really care about anyone but your selves. you have 33,000 average gun deaths in your country a year and your, a money deficit the likes of a drunken toddler being bashed across the head with a rock, and you for what ever reason are up in arms over one person that's not from the US killing someone. oh but thats right its not that they KILLED someone, you people do that all the time, its okay if you murder each-other, rape little girls and boys, slaughter thousands every other day with your weapons, BUT the moment SOME one not from your country that you LITERALLY murdered and raped your way across stealing it from the natives. get salty and butt hurt when one of them kills just one of you dumb mother fuckers xD her words reflect that of a smart human being that knows the plight of one mother fucking family the lot of you wouldn't give two flying shits about if they were rapped and butchered by 20 white dudes in a church so long of they were from "meeeericaaaaa" vs that of tens of thousands of PEOPLE that need help. oh wait that's right your from MEEERCIA land of the free, oh and most gun deaths…. oh… land of arming warlords ….. torture? of yea that too…. corruption to literally buffoonish levels? yea got that too, people dieing from basic things healthcare would get ride of while that pretty much never happens in any other first world country, oh yea got that all right? obesity out the ass to the point is over LITERALLY 30%? you could literally focus on pretty much anything and it would be more important then the one person who died. I mean you dont give a fuck when you have 33,000 dieing from being shot and's 72,000 gun injury's a year. but god forbid OMGAAAAWD A MEXCIAN KILLED A DUDE? GRAB YOUR TORCH AND PITCH FORK. you dumb mother fuckers xD if your still reading this well there's a secret code mixed in here once you find it it will blow your mind ;)

Anonymous No. 34862 1535031183

Canadians talk funny.

Noneya No. 35006 1535172386

The comment by this Retard Canadian… really should put away

"it's "crack pipe !.. The one brain cell it has left… is fill so full of ilk ignorance & that mouth should be used to moo a public restroom..

Anonymous No. 35007 1535172515

The comment by this Retard Canadian… really should put away

"it's "crack pipe !.. The one brain cell it has left… is fill so full of ilk ignorance & that mouth should be used to mop Justin T's (PM) restroom..

Anonymous No. 35047 1535183564

Hey, canaDUH. Yes, you, X3 No. 34861.

You DO realize you're in North America along with we REAL Americans, right?

You DO realize you're a subject - yes, SUBJECT - of the Queen of England, right?

You DO realize England claimed DOMINION over the countries of CanaDUH, Ireland, Scotland, S. Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Barbados, Jamaica, The Bahamas, Grenada, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Belize, Antigua & Barbuda, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia, Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Tangyanika, Uganda, Kenya, Malawi, Mauritius, Gambia, Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana, Pakistan, Ceylon, Malta, Fiji, Gibraltar, India, Burma… have I left any out?


Either way, you need to shut your face before you say something else just as stupid as you've already done. Go giggle maniacally somewhere else, idiot.

Shani81 No. 34836 1535391803
Don’t any of my fellow Americans get upset @ the Canadian. It can’t even spell. Funny how they all talk SO much smack about our borders but they sure do cover their shit up pretty well huh? Why don’t you open your gates and take all the illegals ? Forget it. They don’t want to go there either. Stop being so salty cause we don’t want your ass either. Stay up there with your safe spaces and when the big bad wolf or bear comes for you don’t come begging us for our guns.
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