VIDEO: The Important Part Where Comey Admits to Being the Leaker

Photo credit: James Comey | Congressional testimony

James Comey may have had many important positions in the past, but the fact is he was fired, and he was a leaker. He admits to it in this part of the hearing.

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VIDEO: The Important Part Where Trump Admits to Being the Leaker

Forget something?

Comey comes across as an adolescent trying to make the good lie so his daddy doesn't get mad at him.

choice, lawman whos worked for good for years or property developer and business bankrupter who has been friends with known criminals

Correct me if I am wrong wasn't Comey supposed to have been conducting an investigation into who the Leakers were?

An here he is a leaker. It makes me wonder how seriously he looked into who the leaker(s) were to begin with?

He became a leaker because he knew he was being removed by the very people he was trying to investigate, unlike those who were suspected of leaking to russia, etc, he asked a friend to cause the leak so as to ensure that the investigation would continue no matter what his opposition did

In other words he fell on his blade to make sure that the enemy couldn't cover up their guilt.

Would you risk prison so that the truth could still be looked for?

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