By: Savannah Smith | 11-02-2016 | News
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DOJ and Hillary In Cahoots To Stonewall Investigations

Former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft gives his opinions on the recent decision of the FBI to reopen its investigation into the Hillary Clinton private email server scandal, and reserves his strongest criticisms for the Department of Justice.

Ashcroft shared with Fox Business Network that he is deeply saddened with the DOJ following reports that it actually blocked the FBI from utilizing many of the investigative tools available to it in its probe of the Clinton Foundation, describing it as the " pervasive perversion" of the DOJ.

The former attorney general expressed his frustration with the DOJ because the department has practically sent the FBI to investigate the workings and dynamics of the Clinton Foundation and all issues hounding it with the bureau's hands tied to its back.

Ashcroft said that the same investigative tools should have also been used in the first investigation of the Justice Department into the private email scandal of Hillary.

As far as Ashcroft is concerned, the timing of the reinvestigation of the FBI now so close to the election is not suspect. In fact, Hillary and her camp have no one else to blame for the so-called October surprise but themselves, as they have effectively- until recently- stonewalled the investigation.

Ashcroft blamed the Clinton camp for not fully cooperating in the first investigation by not giving complete information that was requested of them, or giving erroneous information on other pertinent matters. It is for this reason that the former attorney general refused to call the investigation revival as October surprise, because it is merely a continuity of the past incomplete probe, and should not come as a surprise to anyone, after all.

It is then unfair, in Ashcroft's views, for the Clinton team to blame the FBI for the

"bad timing" of its fresh look into the case, as they were the ones who lacked the needed transparency in the first place. Ashcroft also believes the Clinton camp deliberately stonewalled or delayed the first investigation.

Ashcroft said that Hillary and her aides have no credibility saying the information from FBI is now coming out late when they are the very cause of the information coming out delayed as it is. He blames the incumbent attorney general for having allowed those stonewalling by the Clinton camp and for the way the first investigation has been facilitated and handled.

Republican nominee Donald Trump has been critical of the DOJ for its obvious bias for Hillary Clinton, especially after it hit the FBI for informing Republican senators through a letter of its reinvestigation into the Hillary case. Trump has also been reminding supporters that before the first investigation on Hillary server scandal was prematurely closed by the FBI and DOJ, there was a suspicious and irregular meeting between former president Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

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