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A 15-year-old girl has lodged a sexual assault complaint against a Georgia police officer. The accused said the police officer is now under investigation.

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The girl’s family got her a lawyer, Thomas Reynolds, and he believes that his client may have been targeted by the accused officer. Reynolds told local media that he believes that the teen, another girl, and two boys may have been followed from a Waffle House by the East Point police officer.

The group stopped at Sykes Park, and the officer in question used that chance to approach them. The lawyer said the officer let the three other people go, but not the 15-year-old girl. Instead, the officer detained the alleged victim for “violating curfew.”

The teen’s nightmare started after that. The lawyer said the suspect then brought the girl to the Village of Highlands apartment complex where he sexually assaulted her for hours. Reynolds said the officer brought the girl home to her apartment after three hours.

The girl’s mother told a local media that her daughter was terrified but divulged the horrifying ordeal. The mother said: “She just broke down and was crying.”

East Point police Chief Tommy Gardner confirmed that his department received a complaint of sexual misconduct against one of its officers. The still unnamed officer was immediately placed on administrative leave with pay.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has stepped in to conduct the investigation.


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Anonymous No. 34658 1534872408

Not enuf nfo. hopefully the parents had a rape test done.

Anonymous No. 34664 1534882057


Anonymous No. 34747 1534932389

This could go either way given the Metro-Atlanta Police are a mix bag of tricks.

A majority are Great LEO's , but a fair number working to Slums are like the Thugs they are paid to herd.

I noted the article did not state the HOUR this occurred But did state a curfew violation was the charge.

The GA / Atlanta curfew law requires children 16 or younger to be at home and supervised by a parent, legal guardian or authorized adult from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. Sunday through Thursday, 12m to 6 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

QUESTION: Where was the Mom that should have had the child at HOME and off the streets.

who is now legally responsible.

NOTE: since she was the only one arrested the group of 3+.

That would mean mama allowed her out after 11PM with OLDER Males and Females.

Anonymous No. 34771 1534946874

what a demon guy..

Anonymous No. 34774 1534948112

terrible guy

Anonymous No. 34775 1534950017

cut off his private and let him bleed ;)

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