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Saudi Arabia’s 24 Hour Ultimatum-10 Demands for Qatar

Saudi Arabia has given Qatar a 24 hour-ultimatum to fulfill 10 conditions that have been conveyed to Kuwait, which is serving a mediator role between the two “estranged” nations. The main thrust of the ultimatum is for Qatar to end all ties with Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.

Since most media reports do not have details yet of the ultimatum, we are publishing the alleged 10 demands

1) Cutting ties with Iran immediately.

2) Officially apologizing for all GCC governments for the insults, fake news they've tolerated from broadcast network Aljazeera.

3) Expelling all Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood leaders and members from Qatar.

4) Stop interfering in Egypt's affairs immediately.

5) Stop sponsoring or funding any terror groups in any way, shape or form.

6) Freezing Hamas leaders bank accounts and prohibiting any financial transactions with/by them in that regard.

7) Vowing not to have any future policies or political roles that contradict the GCC unified polices.

8) Shutting down Aljazeera TV network immediately and abiding by the pact agreed upon by Doha in 2012 during late King Abdullah rule.

9) Expelling all the personalities, figures who have known aggressive stances against GCC countries from Qatar.

10) In case Qatar fully agreed to all above, an urgent meeting of GCC leaders to be held in Jeddah, KSA tomorrow to ink the irrevocable deal.

Speculations are high that Qatar will be invaded if they will not comply with the said demands. Saudi Arabia has not issued an official statement yet on the would-be consequences should Qatar chose to be defiant.


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Anonymous No. 3465 2017-06-07 : 07:07

Isn't Qatar the only country in that region that openly and actively supports America? They even send their airforce to help Americans.

Anonymous No. 3468 2017-06-07 : 09:43

This is payback to Qatar for helping Clinton with an escape route. Trump is just stopping Clinton from running to Qatar before he slaps the pizza gate papers on the table.

Patriot American No. 3516 2017-06-10 : 11:46

This is the biggest news we don't hear anything about in the mainstream media. Trump is truly disassembling terrorism before our eyes. Obama did exactly the opposite by helping the Muslim Brotherhood every chance he got – especially in Egypt – and by putting in place an Iran "deal" that assures the Iranians will have a robust ballistic nuclear missile force within a couple of years, and that freed up billions of dollars they are using to fund terrorism and the destabilization of regional governments. Obama's tribute to, and association with terrorists goes further back to a videotape of the 2003 farewell bash in Chicago at which Barack Obama lavished praise on the guest of honor, Rashid Khalidi — former spokesman for the terrorist Yasser Arafat (a video that has never been released to the public).

Yes, we have a major military installation in Qatar that we use – all the more reason to think the Qatari's will cease their support of terrorism, because they have no choice. We, with the Saudis and GCC allies, are calling them out, and it won't be the last time our president dismantles the mechanisms that support terrorism.

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