By: Lawrence Snyder | 11-02-2016 | News
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Former DNC Chairman Ed Rendell Blasts Hillary Clinton for Criticizing FBI Director James Comey

Ed Rendell, the former Pennsylvania governor and chairman of the Democratic National Committee warned Hillary Clinton and her staff about attacking Director James Comey of the FBI regarding the agency’s decision to re-open the investigation regarding the secretary of state’s private email server. According to Rendell, Clinton’s accusations against the FBI official have no basis.

Last week, Comey sent a letter to Congress detailing the FBI’s move to re-visit the case involving the private email server used by Clinton and her camp to store confidential information. In response, Clinton accused her political rivals and even Comey of using the FBI to intervene in her campaign.

One of her arguments is that if the bureau really needed to start another line of investigation into the matter, it should have begun long ago, not a couple of days before the election. In an attempt to deflect the attention of the public from her because of this controversy, Clinton challenged the FBI to focus on Donald Trump’s alleged ties with Russia.

But, as noted by Rendell, Clinton’s reasoning does not make sense because she is insinuating that the FBI actively decided to withhold information regarding the case until the final stretch of the presidential race.

“Like the agents had this material or knew about the existence of the material at the beginning of October and didn’t tell the director until the end of October,” Rendell said according to CNN. “That makes no sense at all.”

Rendell then went on to say that Clinton should just wait for all of the facts to be revealed instead of openly criticizing the FBI and Comey. If she is really innocent, then she has nothing to worry about since the actual facts will be able to prove this.

“So the more that this comes out, I think the more facts that come out, the better it is for Secretary Clinton but I agree with you, I wouldn’t attack [Comey],” he said.

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