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Intolerance of Islam Rising in Germany

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In Stuttgart, many people are resisting the construction of a grand mosque, which is being promoted by Ditib, a Turkish religious organization with alleged ties to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Ditib has not given the exact dimensions of the mosque and there are not many plans regarding its financing outside of donations, but they want it to be built as soon as possible. However, Bürgerbewegung Pax Europa (BPE), a right-wing association that advocates maintaining Christian and Jewish culture in Europe, is making an effort to inform the people of Stuttgart about the project – and many are against it.

Even though local newspapers and media outlets are in support of the mosque and instead demonize any resistance, flyers were handed to people and booths were set up to gather signatures in order to show their disdain for the project, with many signing protest letters and voicing their opinions: they were against the construction of a grand mosque and further expansion of Islam in Germany in general. “No tolerance for intolerance” was a common statement, referring to the Muslim faith.

Some also complained about how having a politically incorrect opinion about Islam these days leads to Nazi accusations or even arrest. At least one man changed his mind about signing the letter out of fear of prosecution based on Germany’s hate speech laws.

AfD Vice Chairman: Islam Too Tolerated in Germany

Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) Vice Chairman Alexander Gauland spoke about the ample tolerance for Islam in a speech on Tuesday. In response to the terror attacks in Britan and Theresa May’s statement that many were too tolerant of extremism, Gauland said Germany has been too tolerant of Islam in general. As a result, Germany has seen countless waves of Muslim immigrants who, in return, brought rampant crime to the country. The negative impacts can be clearly demonstrated by the rise in terror attacks and constant threats.

Germany has spent millions of euros on integration, which have arguably had little effect thus far – many outright refuse to integrate.

Gauland’s response is a call for safer and stronger borders and strict, immediate deportations for foreign criminals and illegal aliens. He pointed out the need for German citizens to fight against Islam or, as he calls it, a "religion of the Stone Age," since it threatens and harms Western values and societies. “Society finally needs to be protected from Muslim mass immigration," he stated.


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