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A medical professional who has earned the title of "Dr. Pimple Popper" faced one of the more bizarre tasks of her career: Removing a tail-like growth from a woman's back end. The 47-year-old doctor became known for treating severe pimples but the tail growing on the bum of a patient named Taylor was a first for her career.

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The bizarre growth protrudes from between the woman's butt cheeks and Dr. Sandra Lee faced the challenge of removing the growth on the latest episode of Dr. Pimple Popper on the TLC channel.

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Taylor explained to Dr. Lee how she even nicknamed the growth "Lizzie the Lipoma" since she has had the tail since she was born. It wasn't until her teenage years that the tail began to grow larger. Back in 2016, a doctor removed the tail and said it was a benign fatty tumor called a lipoma but it soon grew back.

Dr. Lee started the removal process with an MRI scan which revealed a deposit of fat inside Taylor's spinal cord. Lipomas are generally harmless lumps that can appear anywhere on the body and don't normally need to be removed. The tail caused Taylor serious self-image issues and she made the decision to try to have it removed once and for all.

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Dr. Lee said she would not remove the growth at first since the fact that it had already been removed once and had come back was a worrying sign. "There are two warning bells," Dr. Lee said. "One is, why did this doctor remove this and then it came right back? "And then the other big thing for me is, a regular lipoma does not appear at birth. You get that over time. There could be something else going on."

Eventually, Dr. Lee decided she would remove some of the tissue to make the bump less visible but the operation came with the warning that it could cause complications with Taylor's spinal cord. "Even tugging on this lipoma in any way could potentially disrupt the growth within the spinal cord, and I don't want to do that in any way," Dr. Lee warned. "By staying as superficial as possible I'm able to shape this well and make sure it looks good without really disrupting it."

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The removal of part of the tail was a success. "I'm ecstatic about my results," Taylor said. "Since my surgery with Dr. Lee, I feel more confident. When I lost a part of Lizzie, there was a lot lifted off my shoulders."

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quality article

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Some will say she is a Celebrity Doctor and I would agree.

But she achieved that status by WHAT, not WHO she works on.

Great Doctor.

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And next up on People of Walmart…..

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Modesty isnt a major issue on TLC it would seem. A 40plus babuska gets her 15 min of fame getting an overgrown zit popped off her ass. Stay classy TLC!

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That's a ... flatty.
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