By: Lawrence Snyder | 11-02-2016 | News
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Paul Ryan Votes for Trump, Paints Scary Image of Life Under Clinton’s Administration

Despite renouncing his support for Donald Trump a couple of weeks ago, House Speaker Paul Ryan still voted for the Republican candidate during the early voting session in Janesville, Wisconsin. According to Ryan, he made the decision because he already has an idea of what life would be like under the leadership of Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill.

Earlier this month, Ryan said that he will no longer endorse Trump due the various controversies plaguing his campaign. In response, Trump blasted him for his lack of loyalty to the Republican Party.

However, when the time came for Ryan to cast his ballot during the early voting last weekend, he decided to solidify his full support for the GOP by picking Trump as his president.

Although Ryan maintain that he has always been an avid supporter of the entire Republican ticket, another factor that motivated him to vote for Trump was because he had already experienced the type of leadership that Hillary and Bill would bring if she gets elected into office.

He noted that many young voters today don’t really know how the Clintons operate when they’re in power.

“The point I keep trying to make to younger voters who did not live through the 1990s is that this is what life with the Clintons looks like: It’s always a scandal, one after another. Then there is an investigation,” Ryan explained according to Politico. “They live beyond the rules, and they live to work the system to help themselves, to help Clinton Inc.”

Ryan then went on to say that if Republicans fail to maintain a united stance, then there’s a huge chance that Hillary might win. There’s also the danger of losing the Congress to Democrats. If these scenarios happen, then the public could expect to see the same issues that plagued the country during the time of Bill’s administration.

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Anonymous No. 460 2016-11-13 : 05:01

its about bloody time this traitor remembered what party he belonged to!

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