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2012: Weird News Flashback

A man in Florida was watching a 2-year-old boy in New Port Richey while the boy's mother was at work. Then 27-year-old Thomas Matheson says that is when he played "tittie twister" with the boy and accidentally pulled them off. This sounds like it would be impossible but on a young child, skin is much more easily damaged.

An arrest report says the boy's nipples were pulled and twisted so hard "the nipples were removed" and a doctor later said it is unlikely the nipples will grow back. The poor little boy didn't even get medical attention for the injuries until four days later.

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It wasn't until the boy's grandmother noticed the injuries that he was taken to the hospital. Sheriff's arrested Matheson and the boy's mother, Matheson admitted to "playing rough" with the boy. Despite admitting the boy had been shirtless at some point in the four day period afterward, Matheson said he didn't know the boy was hurt.

The boy's mother, then-25-year-old Tina Renea Kline, told detectives that Matheson admitted to injuring the boy on November 16 but that neither one of them took the child to get medical care. It is unknown if Matheson is related to the child.

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Both Matheson and Kline were booked into the Pasco County Jail on charges of child abuse.

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Anonymous No. 34501 1534729741

This is just horrible. Who would be so stupid as to twist the nipples off accidentally?

Anonymous No. 34509 1534733614

Kill those scum! They don't deserve to live! How can you do that to a baby? They should already have been hung! Not getting him help and they never would have if the grandmother didn't see it! They deserve death, we don't need scum like them !

Anonymous No. 34513 1534734990

If the child was a girl, this would be a tragedy, but that little boy doesn't need nipples.

Anonymous No. 34514 1534735469

Put these bastards nipples in a vice and twist them off. A nipple for a nipple!!

Anonymous No. 34516 1534735950

lol @ a doctor saying, "it's unlikely the nipples will grow back." Haha DUHH!! NIPPLES AREN'T LIKE A LIZARD'S TAIL, DUMBASS! great doctor work!

Anonymous No. 34517 1534736013


Anonymous No. 34520 1534737997

literally what the fuck

Anonymous No. 34521 1534739892

I tore my nipple off and it didn’t grow back! Wtf! Now I am the one nipple knucklehead!

Anonymous No. 34524 1534742761

JAMES, THIS STORY HAPPENED IN NOVEMBER 2012… why the fuck did you publish this article SIX YEARS LATER?!!!

Anonymous No. 34525 1534743318

this story took place in November 2012, and the boy was taken to the hospital 2 hours later. James, get it together.

Anonymous No. 34531 1534747741

No. 34525 injury happened on a Friday, wasn't noticed by the grandmother and taken to the hospital until the following Tuesday, hence the mother was also charged because she was aware of the injury but did nothing. Otherwise she would not have been charged since she was at work when it happened

Tab No. 34554 1534768769


Anonymous No. 34560 1534771877


wrong. this 6 year old story was also covered by the Miami newspaper, and they said the child's mother and grandmother took the child to the hospital two hours after the incident occurred. FAIL MUCH?

Reese Witheredpoon No. 35274 1535375962

This retard should be doused in gasoline and set on fire.

cunt No. 34512 1536906366
mom No. 34513 1536906387
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