By Jim Cherney  |  08-18-2018   Opinion
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Newsweek is really pushing it. The Newsweek's “Party of One” is practically the same as an “Army of One”.

Americans spent plenty of money on that advertising campaign and so many veterans joined up during that campaign.

Now we have Newsweek putting such a similar slogan. It may backfire on them. The Army and its veterans like Trump. They actually embrace the family of President Trump and his beautiful daughter who has shown her true compassionate side. Where Newsweek was likely trying to disparage the President and his family by adopting the Army’s slogan and not even realizing that it could, perhaps, rally the American Army veterans behind Trump firmly.

There are literally millions of veterans in America.

During the Obama regime, many lay neglected in the street. Veterans, those used up in the forever war of Afghanistan. Those guys you see, that have that stare. Trump helped them.

He has begun cleaning house in the neglected Veterans administration. These guys know about loyalty. They recognize how the Democrats and the rhinos left them high and dry, dying of thirst in the desert of care offered to the veterans of the American military.

These guys are sure to vote for the party of the one guy that actually tried to do something for them. The veterans of our armed forces deserved much better, and Donald Trump gave them that much needed and necessary boost that helped get more veterans employed and helped them receive that health care our combat vets really deserve.

The man that stands with the men and women who have been the tip of the spear in our Nation's defense, will surely receive the lion's share of the votes from this gigantic cross culture and multi-racial block of voters.

Well done, Newsweek.

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Daniel Keirstead sr No. 34325 1534608383

I ignore them..They are trying every dirty trick in the book..

Anonymous No. 34329 1534610058

Exactly, replying to every dirty headline, dirty hashtag, on the same platforms that shit on us for ratings is just feeding them. Ignore every outrageous stunt and continue on business as usual is the best medicine. Don't feed the trolls.

Anonymous No. 34330 1534610172

they are a bunch of jerks

Anonymous No. 34333 1534613041


You know, In 1938, Times Magazine announced Hitler the Man of the Year — Joseph Stalin got it the following year, and then again in 1942 (aside from Winston Churchill and George W. Bush, the only person to win twice).

THEN-Hitler's Favorite Filmmaker Honored At Colorado Festival– In 1974 Telluride Film Festival, a Colorado film festival, decided to pay tribute to Leni Riefenstahl, the leading movie director of Nazi Germany. Many a Hollywood name showed up much to the shagrin of many a protester.

THEN-2006 GERMANY-‘Hitler’s Favorite Sculptor’ Is Back, Hitting Raw Nerve. An article over the debate of recognizing the sculptor of in Hitler's era comes under fire and protest, stating “Merely presenting the work might lead to a more refined view of Breker’s racist Nazi images.” However the last paragraph was somewhat astonishing to me–Mr. Jhugens says… “Ninety-five percent of the visitors will be good democrats, and the other 5 percent will not be very happy with how we present Breker,” he said. “But we didn’t do it for this 5 percent.”

These and many more articles like them have struck a chord of SPECULATION in me, especially in this day of political exposure and the ties to the parties of art, movies, and music. STRANGE BEDFELLOWS? These days of awakening to the Saul Alinskys of the world and their followers, MAY END UP EXPOSING MORE THAN CAN BE IMAGINED.


One author penned the following:

"Hesitantly, I remind you; projects like this can be used to humanize tyrants."

I for one would like to remind, such projects could likewise be used to villify a president.


Anonymous No. 34336 1534613728

Research project paperclip.

Jeff Allen No. 34343 1534620380

All you have to do is look,to see who the Bushes rally around and remembering grandpa Prescott Bush was a convicted Nazi traitor .


Tab No. 34348 1534624071

Y'all need to stop with the Nazi/Hitler bashing. get THE REAL history of WWII instead of regurgitating LIES spoon-fed to us all by scumbag, lying jews who imprison the goyim for challenging their BULLSHIT using "holocaust denial" laws.

tab No. 34350 1534624237

Newsbleak (you know, the vile, un-american FILTH who helped cover-up 9/11 along with their fellow FAKE NEWS scumbags) is pretending that trump is isolated. he's at 50% approval and growing.

Jeff Allen No. 34353 1534624733

I bash Nazis Tab because new world Order lovers the Bushes helped them and grand pappy Prescott was a criminal. Any third Reich lover is a fool!

Anonymous No. 34365 1534641862

Tab, you're a closet homosexual. That's obvious.

Anonymous No. 34366 1534642046

It's 100% true that the military soldiers and our vets love Trump. Thats because anybody who joins the military is an uneducated idiot who couldn't qualify for a job at Walmart. The military is the last ditch effort by the lowest class, stupidest, least productive members of society. They can't afford college, and 89% of them never graduated high school. So yes, they support trump.

Anonymous No. 34367 1534643554


it's true that America's military primarily consists of uneducated lazy ignorant trailer park trash, and that's why nobody truly 'supports' them. they try to make us feel sorry for them when their legs get blown off by an IED, but that was their own choice, and we're not responsible for them.

Anonymous No. 34368 1534643866

Jim, I'm curious why the small handful of staff at The Goldwater all create stories under an assortment of different pseudonyms. Is it because you're trying to make it appear as if you've got a real staff? Are you trying to fool your readers into thinking you have a full staff, or your advertisers?

Jeff Allen No. 34376 1534650826

Looking at the last couple of posts by "anonymous" they have come out from under the bridge. You know, the ones that family talks about at Christmas time in hush tones that live in their parent's basements. The ones bent over backwards whose heads are so far up their ( ! ) that everything they say smells like ……….well you know. Plexiglass navels would at least let them see the light of day from their contorted positions.

Anonymous No. 34388 1534667867


Advertisers? We don't need no stinkin advertisers.

Anonymous No. 34458 1534696748

It couldn't be more clearly written. When the nazism replies and the veiled threats at their advertising comes up. It is obvious that you can't play at the advertising card. Since Jim doesn't put advertising on the Goldwater. What Jim has done is make an untouchable news site. This is the real goto site for real news. Jim puts a simple editorial on, then the left attacks hard with fake nazism replies and threats to scare 3iut of reporting honestly and ethically.

Well done Jim.

Anonymous No. 34485 1534720710

We should just own that slogan. If we are #maga then we can also be #partyofone. Piggy back on an already catchy slogan…

Anonymous No. 34515 1534735925

newsweek is not good enough to wipe my ass with! Also to you boys living in your moms basement that are trying to put down the military. FUCK YOU! I'd love to see one of you clowns fly a jet or sail a ship or sub! Uneducated huh? Shows how much brains you have and shows your backbone to YELLOW!

Anonymous No. 34540 1534757896

Every Political Party has 1 Leader.

The USA is suppose to have 1 leader with many guiding voices with a legal say.

The Problem is and we have all seen it…..

Washington DC has developed a Deep State Swamp full of a very temperamental people with an inflated view of their own talent, and importance. (McCain, Nancy, Maxie Mouth, Hillary, Ex-Presidents, Chucky, Hollywood)

In short we have had too many trying to be CO-Leader.

An a MEDIA giving them the Face Time

Anonymous No. 35067 1535195893

Do some back ground on the Owners of Newsweek.

Use Wikipedia and read up on the Graham_Holdings_Company.

Anonymous No. 35089 1535209187

And all the cowardly pedophile pigs get to stay home and exercise their right to be useless bags of puss who their skank mother's should have aborted. The maggots running their mouth on vets are the people who have no loved ones. They can't even imagine what it would be like for someone to love them. Lonely unloved rejected empty pitiful lives. Maggots!

mouse No. 35229 1535341384

h t t p s :// w w w .you tube . com/ watch?v= gL u o R KA G c vo ~!?!

allan allen No. 35308 1535393735

yes POTUS TRUMP is our leader, we are 50,000,000 strong and growing daily as blacks, Hispanics and other minorities #WalkAway from

the Dimms

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