By: Amanda Vandenberg | 11-01-2016 | News

Do Celebrity Endorsements Even Matter?

Does anyone really pay attention to endorsements for Presidential candidates these days?

It has become popular for celebrities to endorse their favorite candidate. Like celebrities have the special power to pick the candidate that will be best for our country.

For example, 50 Cent the noted thug rapper who has been shot several times has endorsed Hillary Clinton. Perhaps because of her stance on gun control. There is also Rosie O’Donnell The fat lesbian comedian who has a less than stellar opinion of men and the Republican party in general. It seems that the Gay and Transgender community has rallied around Hillary Clinton.

It could be because of the rumors of Mrs. Clinton also being a closet lesbian. Donald Trump is not noted for having any discriminatory speech against the gay community. So it is a mystery to me why the gay community endorses Clinton so fervently.

Donald Trump has his celebrity endorsements as well. Although he doesn’t have as many singers, actors, or comedians as Hillary. He does have a more educated group of celebrities giving him their thumbs up. It could be that Donald Trump appeals to the middle class, and the professionals of America more than the controversial Hillary Clinton.

Steve Forbes, the wealthy businessman endorses Trump. It is obvious that Trump will be good for business, American business that is. Peter Thiel, the famous attorney that recently toppled the Gawker empire with the lawsuit win for Hulk Hogan. Hulk Hogan also gives Donald Trump his blessing as his candidate of choice. It seems to me that winners, are endorsing Trump. People that exemplify the American way of life. People like Chuck Norris, the karate black belt champion, movie and tv star, known for his role as Walker, Texas Ranger. Kelsey Grammer, the radio psychologist from the TV show Frasier.

If you want to follow your favorite celebrity’s advice on who to vote for. Sarah Silverman the comedian is for Clinton, and Bobbie Knight the famous basketball coach is for Trump.

I suspect that these celebrity endorsements mean little to most American’s, but it is interesting to see who supports who.

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