By: Earnest Jones | 06-05-2017 | News
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CNN Busted as It Stages Anti-Isis Muslim Protest

The unfortunate terrorist attacks in London has shocked the world. However, CNN opted to make issues more complex by staging a fake protest by Muslims.

The response on Twitter was overwhelming, Caolan Robertson‏ @CaolanRob Twitter that CNN had just been caught in a leaked video with [email protected] FAKING a Muslim protest against #LondonBridge.

The other tweet indicated that CNN is ISIS and that they are the caliphate news network that has been spreading Islamic propaganda. CNN has a track record of going right to the edge in its efforts to spread fake news.

One of the users gave critical insights as to how the government sympathizes with terrorists more than victims of terrorism, adding that Something is wrong there.

Dr. Covfefe‏ @DamienOCP, who was replying to @CaolanRob @BeckyCNN said that

CNN can't cover news instead they make news to fit their liberal Agenda and that's OK with their Brainwashed viewers.

A tweet from a user identified as AC‏ @DET_AC said that being accused of fake news is one thing but being taped as you are orchestrating fake news is a whole other level.


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Anonymous No. 3422 2017-06-05 : 16:52

Oh this is just too funny. Now any protest will be assumed a fake done by the media.

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