By: Diana Printz | 11-01-2016 | News

Why the DNC Ditched Donna Brazile

The Democratic National Committee is stooping lower and lower these days. Even after all the recent leaks by the Veritas Group on how the Election will be rigged this year.

They are taking the Republican National Committee to court. The RNC is hiring poll watchers to help insure a fair election in the areas that they have valid concerns of Democratic cheating.

The DNC is insinuating that the RNC will use the poll watchers to intimidate minority voters. They are basing their lawsuit on an obscure court case from the 1981 gubernatorial race in New Jersey. In which off duty police and sheriff’s deputies are stationed outside of minority polls and actually used to intimidate the voters.

They are also shamelessly accusing Donald Trump of fabricating claims of voter fraud by the DNC. When this has already been proven to be the case. The DNC is attempting to use the court to stifle Trump’s right to express his opinion of the upcoming ballot.

Donald Trump is also calling on the DNC to fire Donna Brazile the DNC chairwoman. She leaked the questions for the Primary debate to Hillary Clinton.

CNN has already fired Ms. Brazile for this and will no longer use her as a pundit.

The CNN statement reads. “We are completely uncomfortable with what we have learned about her interactions with the Clinton campaign while she was a CNN contributor.”

The public’s perception of the Democratic National Committee has never been lower. It is likely to have an effect on the Democrats, not only in the presidential election, but also in local Congressional elections. It is possible that the upcoming November 8 election could completely turn the United States government upside down.

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