By: Jaselle Jash | 11-01-2016 | News

Inside FBI's DEEP PROBE into Hillary Clinton's DIRTY DEEDS

The FBI has a big job ahead, analyzing the latest stash of Clinton emails discovered. According to The Telegraph UK over 650,000 new emails have been discovered. The bureau will be working around the clock to determine if any classified email was shared with the Weiner laptop. As they go through that large amount of email. It is likely they will discover more material to investigate Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin for. The rabbit hole just gets deeper and deeper.

Americans should realize that this investigation is actually worse for the country than the infamous Watergate scandal. In the Watergate scandal, President Nixon covered up the fact that he sent men to break into the DNC headquarters, to get an advantage in the election.

In this email investigation of Hillary Clinton, it is becoming apparent, that Clinton and her team have put Americans at risk by allowing classified information to be leaked, and spread all over the world by internet. We are all familiar with the WikiLeaks organization which has been releasing emails at a regular interval with new revelations coming out daily of all the criminal activity within the Democratic party. President Nixon never put National Secrets at risk. Hillary Clinton has done this. As an example the entire world now knows that it takes 4 minutes from the decision to launch nuclear weapons until the actual launch. This was never released until Mrs. Clinton let slip this secret. How many other secrets have been let out of the bag by Hillary’s careless behavior with security protocols?

The voters should also know that Hillary was privy to the questions in the first primary debate before the debate happened. This gave her the ability to prepare answers for questions, that she was not supposed to know until they were asked. That is blatant cheating, and nobody should like a cheater. Cheaters never prosper, is what I was taught growing up. Donna Brazile was just fired by CNN for this blatant rule violation, when she released the debate questions to Hillary.

Mrs. Clinton is so desperate to shift the focus from her terrible management of national secrets. She is trying to get the FBI to start an investigation of Donald Trump. However, Donald Trump doesn’t seem to be guilty of anything for the FBI to investigate. It is getting harder and harder for Hillary Clinton to change the subject as the web of deceit surrounding her becomes tighter and tighter. Soon she will not be able to avoid, that past that is coming back to haunt her.

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