By: Earnest Jones | 11-01-2016 | News
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Huma Abedin’s Emails Found On Weiner’s Laptop

The Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is facing numerous obstacles as the November 8th election is around the corner; from the agitated democrats who seem to lack unison as the crucial hour is around the block,

Clinton’s campaign is no exception; the FBI has been all on Clinton’s neck like a violin.

The Democrats seem to be celebrating the recently re-opened investigations on Hillary Clinton; this raises the question on what emails were found on Weiner’s laptop to raise the attention of the FBI to a point where the government agency has stepped up to intervene in the presidential election; it must be crucial information.

Based on reports released by the Judicial Watch FOIA, its evident that Huma Abedin was sending emails from her work email account to her personal account; the Judicial release showed emails from her account [email protected] The Judicial Watch release also shows that of the two thirds of the total emails; this amounts to around 110 emails of the 160 emails, were sent to two personal addresses that Abedin handles; she forwarded actually sent the emails.

In a statement made to a federal judge by the State Department, it clearly shows that Abedin and Mills were using personal emails to handle government affairs; they also happen to have used Clinton’s private email; this is according to a statement reported by the Washington Times. This clearly shows that Abedin and Mills used personal emails to handle State Department business.

It was discovered that Abedin had sent an email from her State Department email to her personal email account; this happened back in 2009 on the 15th of May. Abedin proved to be reckless as she would archive emails sent to her by Hillary Clinton; she would archive the emails in her personal email account.

The emails sent to her by Hillary Clinton were sent from the [email protected] email server.

After Abedin had been asked to print out attachments from an email sent to Hillary Clinton by Mills on a private address in the previous day for the purposes of review via technology policy expert by the name of Alec Ross; Alec was charged with the responsibility of innovation to Secretary Clinton. The attachments involved timetables and deliverables.

Unfortunately, as Abedin was forwarding Clinton’s emails to her personal email account the amount of redaction was alarming as they transferred to the open email account; this emails finally ended up in Anthony Weiner’s computer. This leads to the speculation that the redaction is a sign of confidential material being transferred.

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