By: Savannah Smith | 11-01-2016 | News
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Billionaire Adelson Donates $25 Million to Trump's Campaign, Promises More

Donald Trump gains another big boost to his presidential run as we open the last week of the campaign, with billionaire Sheldon Adelson donating $25 million to the Republican nominee's cause.

The $25 million contribution of the casino magnate will go to an anti- Hillary Clinton Super PAC to further help Trump's final push for the White House, as well as contribute to the Republicans' House and Senate races.

The massive donation will go to Future 45, a Super PAC initiated by the Ricketts family in Chicago, founders of TD Ameritrade. The group is responsible for recently running a television ad comparing Hillary Clinton to former president Richard Nixon of the infamous Watergate scandal calling Hillary as a " secretive, paranoid politician who destroyed 30,000 pieces of evidence". The ad has been running in battleground states.

The contribution was made following FBI's decision to revive its investigation of the private email server scandal of Hillary Clinton with the surfacing of new evidence from the laptop of Clinton close aide Huma Abedin and her embattled former partner Anthony Weiner involved in an ugly sexting scandal with a teen-aged girl.

Adelson's huge contribution is considered a big victory for Trump, because according to Republican insiders, there are indications that the billionaire will donate equally big amounts in the next few days. Adelson's move could also spark and inspire other big GOP donors to step up their support for Trump. Some of these donors may have thought that Hillary was poised for a victory. Then the big "October surprise" came in the form of the FBI reinvestigation that completely changed the dynamics of the campaign, and very likely would change the would be results of the election as well- which experts say would go in favor of Trump.

Adelson earlier in the campaign promised to donate $100 million into Trump's and Republicans' campaign, but has mostly stayed in the sidelines. The FBI's decision to revive the Hillary case was probably the one trigger the billionaire was waiting to make his big move in making good on his promise to support Trump.

Trump on Sunday visited Adelson's Venetian resort and casino in Las Vegas, and before supporters thanked Adelson and his wife, calling them incredible people.

The Ricketts family earlier backed Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker in the GOP primaries and poured millions into his campaign. Winning the Ricketts over to his campaign and cause is a testament to Trump's ability to convert and work with former adversaries and turn them into allies- a good sign of leadership.

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